Why Does Your Clean Toilet Smell?

Assuming that you have done your due diligence in cleaning and disinfecting your toilet properly, there should not be an odor coming from your toilet. However, it happens, even if you spray air freshening products and light candles all over the bathroom. Also, keep in mind that this can introduce toxins into the air, decreasing your indoor air quality. You don’t want to have another thing to worry about on top of your odorous toilet. If you are experiencing a smelly toilet, here are some common reasons why this may be happening:

Loose Bolts or Broken Flange

If your toilet wobbles or rocks, it most likely has a broken flange or loose bolts. Try tightening the two bolts that secure the toilet to the floor. If there is still an odor after doing so, there may be an issue with the wax ring or flange that create the air- and water-tight seal between the waste pipe and the toilet. Contact Joseph Frederick & Sons if you are unfamiliar with these parts.

Vent Pipe

If your toilet is functioning normally and looks the same as always, but still has an odor no matter how much you clean it, there is probably a vent pipe problem. Check the place in your roof where the toilet vent pipe releases sewer gases. If it is covered in any way, the gases will not be able to escape, which could be causing the odor. Remove the debris and see if the odor remains. If you can’t tell due to an improperly installed vent pipe, contact a professional.

Damaged or Missing Toilet Seal

If there is not a caulk sealing the seam between the floor and the base of the toilet, any urine or water that has speed under the toilet can encourage bacteria growth, resulting in odors. The best thing to do is to remove the toilet and clean underneath it, then seal it back down. The professionals at Joseph Frederick & Sons can help.

Damaged Toilet

If none of the above seem to be an issue, your toilet may be damaged or you may have a serious plumbing issue. If you have eliminated all of the previous problems from the list of possible reasons for the odor, contact Joseph Frederick & Sons.

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