Toilet Repairs

Toilet Repair.
Toilet Repair.

Has the "handle jiggle" become your go-to fix for a toilet that won't stop running? Do you use a bucket of water to assist a weak flush? Are you constantly reattaching the chain to the flapper valve inside the tank?

DIY repairs may work for a while, but eventually, you need to address the underlying cause of any toilet problem. At Joseph Frederick & Sons, we know that repairing a toilet, an essential fixture in your Greenville, DE, area home, is not for the faint of heart.

A simple DIY repair can get messy, time-consuming, and very wet if you misdiagnose the problem or apply the wrong fix.

Why Choose Joseph Frederick & Sons

You can trust our experienced plumbers to assess and fix the problem quickly and correctly. They have seen it all while on the job, from clogs and cracks to failed flushing mechanisms. They will do their utmost to keep your bathroom as clean as possible while working on your fixture and ensure you are 100 percent satisfied with their work.

Joseph Frederick & Sons is a trusted name for plumbing services throughout Delaware. We specialize in sewer repairs, drain clogs, faucet repairs, and other services. Call us today for a free consultation.

Signs Your Toilet Needs Repair in Greenville, DE

Call us at Joseph Frederick & Sons when your toilet leaks, overflows, does not flush, barely flushes, or continues running. We will address your plumbing issue immediately because we know how inconvenient a malfunctioning toilet can be.

When you notice these signs, your toilet needs attention:

  • If flushing seems weak, slow, and does not clear the contents of the bowl, the rim jets—tiny holes under the toilet rim—may to clogged. The siphon hole on the bottom of the bowl also may be corroded with mineral buildup. The toilet float inside your tank may need adjustment.
  • Water around the bottom of the toilet indicates a leak from a broken seal or cracks in the porcelain.
  • If you need to jiggle the handle, your toilet may need a new flapper valve.
  • The fill valve may be worn if the toilet bowl does not fill after flushing.
  • An overflowing toilet typically indicates a clog.

Before beginning any job, we discuss repair and replacement options. We tailor our recommendations to your specific needs and budget. We make our financing options as convenient as possible. 

You can count on Joseph Frederick & Sons to provide affordable, quality repairs and installations.

Installing a New Toilet

How do you know when it is time to replace your toilet? Age is a significant factor when weighing repairs versus replacement. It may continue to operate after 20 years, but it also may waste water and cost you money.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says toilets are the main source of water use in homes. Older, inefficient toilets that use more than six gallons per flush are a significant source of wasted water.

Toilet Repairs

Our plumbing pros at Joseph Frederick & Sons can help you choose a quality toilet with a strong flush and water-saving efficiency. Replacing your old toilet is a cost-effective alternative to frequent repairs.

Other signs you should consider replacement:

  • Cracked porcelain leads to leaks.
  • If your tank leaks, consider replacing the entire toilet. It makes better financial sense.
  • An older toilet that clogs frequently is ready for replacement.

Toilet Maintenance Tips

You can prevent common toilet problems by making maintenance a habit in your Greenville, DE, home. Avoid flushing wipes, feminine hygiene products, cotton swabs, and other paper items into your plumbing system, even if the labeling claims they are flushable. They are likely to clog your toilet or pipes.

Take a close look at your toilet. Inspect for wet areas or water accumulation at its base, the signs of a leak. Add a few drops of food coloring to your tank, wait about 15 to 30 minutes, and check the bowl. If the bowl contains colored water, your tank is leaking.

Test the valve that shuts off water to your toilet. Consider replacing it if it is rusty or resists movement.

Be sure to ask about our Customer Assurance Plan that removes any stress with maintaining your plumbing equipment. Our plans offer priority service, friendly reminders, discounts, and other perks. Sign up today! 

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“So appreciate the plumber coming to same day of my call. Gabriel was wonderful – polite, friendly, professional and easy to talk with. He fixed our toilet and kitchen faucet expertly and made sure everything was cleaned well before he left. Am very happy!”
- Lucinda J.

“Tim and Anthony did an excellent job this morning. My toilet no longer rocks from side to side nor does it leak around the bottom. They also replaced my flush handle and the inside workings. Not only that but everything was cleaned up perfectly. I expect my toilet to last me many more years! Thank you!!”

- Kathy H.