Useful Plumbing Tips

Have you ever wondered what to do when minor plumbing issues arise? There are ways to fix these minor problems before they evolve into something much more serious, requiring the help of a professional. 


Replace Parts

If you try taking apart pipes under your sink or shower on your own, it could potentially lead to a big mess. However, there is very little damage to be done by trying to replace your toilet’s flapper or your faucet’s cartridge. Worn flappers can cause leaks between the toilet tank and bowl, but they are easily replaceable and only cost a few dollars. Most faucets can be fixed by replacing the interior with a new cartridge, which only requires the removal of a few screws.


Unclog Without Chemicals

If your drain is clearing slowly, don’t use chemical drain cleaners. Instead, use a drain snake to manually unclog the drain. Insert it into the drain and pull it back out with the cause of the clog attached. If you don’t have a drain snake, try using a wet/dry shop vacuum to suck out the clog.


Check Showerhead

If your showerhead is dripping, thread tape is an easy fix. The cause of showerhead leaks is often due to the threads not connecting tightly. Unscrew the showerhead, wrap new tape in a clockwise direction, and re-attach to stop the dripping. If it is clogged, soak it in a bowl with warm water and vinegar for about an hour. Then use a small brush to loosen mineral deposits that may be causing blockages.


Use Heat

Tough water pipe fittings can often be loosened by applying heat. A small propane torch will often work, but you may need to apply heat for a few minutes. Use heat-resistant material to protect the walls nearby. Heat should only be used on metal water pipes, never on or near gas pipes and/or plastic pipes or fittings. 


Water Heater

Make sure your water heater is not set too high. You should be able to set it to 115 degrees and have a sufficient amount of hot water. Insulate your water heater’s tank to keep your water hot for longer. 


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