Converting Your Home To Natural Gas

natural gas conversion Wilmington DE | Jos. Frederick & SonsWhen it comes to energy efficient ways to heat a home, oil and gas are some of the most common sources of fuel used. While each has its benefits and downsides, natural gas is another efficient energy source that has become more popular over the last few years because it is more effective and economical compared to oil. Joseph Frederick & Sons delivers total satisfaction when it comes to natural gas conversion Wilmington DE. If you are still on the fence about making the call to switch from oil or propane to natural gas, here are some of the benefits of converting to natural gas that you may not be familiar with:

More Cost-Effective

Even though converting to natural gas will cost more upfront, the overall savings are well worth the upfront cost of making the switch. The cost of heating your home with heating oil is typically more expensive than heating your home with natural gas. Joseph Frederick & Sons suggests that making the switch from oil or propane to natural gas can potentially trim your energy bill by ten to twenty percent. And because natural gas equipment requires less maintenance and succumbs to fewer repairs, you’ll also save on the cost of equipment upkeep.

More Versatile

With natural gas at your disposal, you can do far more than simply heat your home. Natural gas can be used for a number of things, including heating your swimming pool, heating household water throughout your home for showers, washing dishes, and washing clothes, as well as lighting your fireplace. Converting to natural gas in your home will help you save across the board as it is not a one job material! Joseph Frederick & Sons believes that when it comes to natural gas conversion Wilmington DE, using your gas supply in a variety of ways will help to make your cost of living much simpler in the long run. 

More Convenient

Compared to oil and propane, natural gas produces heat that is 25 to 35 degrees warmer. Plus, natural gas furnaces provide more evenly distributed heat throughout the home, are ridiculously energy-efficient, and with proper maintenance, can continue to operate effectively for up to twenty years. Joseph Frederick & Sons natural gas conversion Wilmington DE also provides the added convenience of not having to set up delivery, not having to monitor levels, and no worries of running short of fuel because of the abundance of natural gas. Your natural gas supply will never be disrupted by a power outage, and there’s never a mess to clean up or unpleasant odors.

Joseph Frederick & Sons Natural Gas Conversion Wilmington DE

There is nothing more beneficial to a home than the addition of something that will only increase the value of your home. Natural gas heating not only adds value to your home, it is more cost-efficient, more versatile, and more convenient than any other option out there. To learn more about natural gas conversion Wilmington DE, contact Joseph Frederick & Sons today!