Ductless Heat and Cooling in a Middletown, DE Garage

Ductless Mini Split Replaces Space Heaters in Middletown, DE Garage One of the things we love about Carrier ductless heating and cooling systems is what they can do for additions, bonus rooms, garages, basements, attics, and sunrooms. All of these spaces have the same thing in common: They are usually difficult to keep comfortable all […]

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner Installation in Wilmington, DE

Lovely, classic homes like this one in Concord Heights are perfect candidates for a Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner Installation in Wilmington, DE. They were built before central heat and air were standard. Consequently, homes like this one rely on fans and window air conditioners to keep cool in the summer. With our increasingly hot and […]

Carrier Ductless Installation in Wilmington, DE

Built in the 1920s, long before central air conditioning was invented, this classic colonial style home was a perfect candidate for a Carrier ductless mini-split installation in Wilmington, DE. The homeowners were frustrated trying to keep their home cool in our increasingly hot and humid summers. They wanted a better and more efficient solution than […]

Useful Plumbing Tips

Have you ever wondered what to do when minor plumbing issues arise? There are ways to fix these minor problems before they evolve into something much more serious, requiring the help of a professional.    Replace Parts If you try taking apart pipes under your sink or shower on your own, it could potentially lead […]

Ways to Heat Your Home

There are many ways to heat your home when the cold weather sets in. When the temperatures begin to drop, it is important to keep yourself and your family warm at home. Here are all the different ways you can stay warm this winter:   Central Warm Air Furnace Furnaces can be powered by electricity, […]

Reasons You Must Change Your Air Filters

Your air filter plays an essential role in the proper operation of your air conditioning system. If you tend to forget to change out your air filter, it’s time to start setting a reminder. Changing the air filter is one of the most important steps in maintaining your air conditioner. Here’s what can happen if […]

Common Heating Problems in Homes

The cold weather has set in, which means the furnaces are cranked up to keep us warm. When your heat begins to malfunction, you probably begin to wonder what exactly caused the issue. Here are the most common heating problems, as well as a few solutions: Dirty/Clogged Filters Dirty filters can blow the limit switch, […]

Clearing a Clogged Sink

Does your sink drain extremely slowly, filling the basin with dirty standing water? Many of the back-ups originate from the trap, which is the U-shaped pipe underneath the fixture that helps stop sewer gases from leaking into your home. Although the curved pipe can get backed up, those drain blocks can often be easily fixed. […]

Benefits of Natural Gas in Your Home

Did you know that natural gas can do more than just heat your home? It can actually be used for various other functions year-round and can even help cut back on energy costs. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, there were over 69 million residential natural gas consumers in the United States in 2018. […]

Common Water Heater Issues

Have you been experiencing issues with your hot water heater? Read our list of common issues to determine whether your water heater has called it quits.  Water Leaking from Top If you have a leak near the top of your electric water heater, the cold inlet or hot outlet pipes may be loose, the T&P […]