Whole-Home Humidifier Health Benefits

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Adding a whole-home humidifier is the perfect HVAC Wilmington Delaware solution to your home air quality dilemma. Joseph Frederick and Sons can help you and your family breathe better with one of our three styles of humidifiers and our qualified heating and air conditioning contractors near me. As we transition from summer to fall, the list of benefits to owning a whole-home humidifier grows.

Healthier Skin

Dry air pulls moisture from your skin leaving it [dry](https://www.insider.com/guides/health/humidifier-benefits#:~:text=Humidifiers can reduce the spread,between 30%25 and 50%25.) and sometimes irritated, but by introducing a whole-home humidifier to your space, you can prevent dry skin by adding moisture back into the air around you. Even if the cold outside air leaves your skin cracked and dry, coming home to a humidified space can help to soothe your dry skin as soon as you step inside. Our HVAC Wilmington Delaware services extend to the quality of your home’s air because your health is a priority of ours at Joseph Frederick and Sons.

Avoid Cold And Flu

By maintaining a home humidity level of 40 percent or greater, you can drastically reduce the infectivity of aerosolized viruses like the cold and flu viruses. The increased humidity in the air makes it more likely that the viruses will attach themselves to the water molecules in the air and fall to the ground before getting a chance to infect you. You can even combat congestion and the symptoms of the cold or flu if you do get sick. Dry air can cause mucus to become dry and thick, leaving you with a stuffy nose, sore throat, and possible sinus pain. Adding moisture to the air with one of our HVAC Wilmington Delaware humidifiers can prevent that mucus from drying and prevent that pesky stuffy nose.

Prevent Snoring

Adding moisture to the air in your home can even help to soothe the tissue in the back of your throat to help you sleep more comfortably and prevent snoring. The work your humidifier does during the day is also helpful to reduce any irritation associated with your snoring. Who would have thought that heating and air conditioning contractors near me would be the solution to your snoring problem?

Joseph Frederick And Sons | Whole-Home Humidifier Health Benefits

If you need help boosting the air quality in your home, look no further than a whole-home humidifier from Joseph Frederick and Sons. If a humidifier doesn’t seem like the right option for your home, we have several other HVAC Wilmington Delaware solutions to meet you and your home’s needs. Regardless, our trained heating and air conditioning contractors near me are waiting for your call, no matter what you decide.