Tips for Saving Money on HVAC Wilmington DE in the Colder Months

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Are you tempted to turn up the heat, but not looking forward to the electrical bill? As colder temperatures make an appearance, it’s crucial to know several ways to save money on your HVAC Wilmington DE bill. If you’re looking for tips to keep your home warm without breaking the bank, Joseph Frederick and Sons share the most efficient ways to transition into fall.

Let The Sunshine In

The sun is a great source of heat without having to use your HVAC Wilmington DE. Open up the blinds in all rooms of your home, and let all the sunshine in while you can. This helps to keep the temperature of your house warmer without spending a single dollar. While this is a fantastic natural resource, don’t forget to close the curtains at night to prevent heat loss.

Adjust Your Home and Turn Down the Heat

Make sure that your doors and windows are perfectly sealed, without any leaks. If you want to make it even cozier, change your drapes for those that have a heavier fabric to maintain the inside temperature of the house. Lastly, turn down the heat to the lowest setting possible because this will save you money on your energy costs.

Check Your Furnace Filter

Keeping your furnace filter clean will ensure that your furnace works properly without wasting energy in the process. Fall is the perfect time to check or upgrade your furnace since Joseph Frederick and Sons offers fall tune-up specials during this season at an affordable price. If you think your furnace doesn’t need to be upgraded, it is still recommended to have the system cleaned and serviced by a professional in HVAC repair Wilmington DE.

Switch to a Smart Thermostat

When it comes to HVAC Wilmington DE, newer is always better! A smart thermostat turns the heat on and off automatically. Depending on the type of thermostat, you will also be able to control the temperature of your home even when you are away. Although a smart thermostat is an investment, it’s a great tool to save energy and money. The Department of Energy says that setting the thermostat 5 degrees lower for just 8 hours per day can save up to 5% in energy costs.

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