Three Reasons To Switch To Natural Gas Heating

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The summertime can be hot, and so hot that you probably don’t need to heat your home, so there’s no better time to consider switching to natural gas than right now! Making the switch to natural gas can lower your energy bill, keep you warm when the power goes out, and even add value to your home. Joseph Frederick and Sons is your number one resource for all your Delaware heating and air needs, and we’d like to let you know how switching to natural gas can be better for your family and your home.

It’s Safer Than Other Heating Fuels

Using natural gas to heat your home produces minimal sulfur dioxide, airborne particulates, and dissolved solids, which can all negatively impact people and pets. A properly operating, and well-maintained natural gas heating system generates nearly no carbon monoxide.

Natural Gas Is Environmentally Friendly

Of the fossil fuels, natural gas is the cleanest burning, plus if you plan to switch to gas in the kitchen as well, advancements in gas-burning appliances have helped to reduce the amount of natural gas used even as it has seen an increase in popularity. Only about 30% of the energy used to heat your home with an electric heating system makes it to your home, resulting in a 70% energy loss. Natural gas heating systems see an energy loss of just about 10%. As you can see, natural gas is about as green as Delaware heating and air can get.

Gas Is Affordable

While fuel costs vary from place to place, gas heating is more affordable than electric in most parts of the country. Additionally, a new, high-efficiency gas heating system could qualify you to receive rebates from your gas utility provider.

Joseph Frederick and Sons | Switch To Natural Gas

Switching your home to natural gas can seem like a big switch, but there are plenty of reasons to switch and benefits to doing so. If you want to save money, help your family breathe cleaner air, and look out for the environment, make the switch to natural gas with the help of Joseph Frederick and Sons Delaware heating and air services. Don’t forget about our services beyond heating and air as Joseph Frederick and Sons can also take care of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling Wilmington DE, or send one of our many Delaware electricians to take care of your electrical needs. To learn more about how Joseph Frederick and Sons can assist you with your heating and air, plumbing, electrical, or remodeling needs, visit our website or give us a call today!