The Most Common Electrician Wilmington DE Problems

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The national average pay for a Delaware electrician is right around $60,000, but with experience, this number can get much higher. This is because of the importance of good electrical work in homes and businesses. Electrical fires account for over 50,000 fires yearly, so knowing a good electrician Wilmington DE is essential to your safety and well-being. While not all problems are immediate fire hazards, it is important to repair even the most common electrical issues.

Electrical Surges

Probably the most common issue surrounding electricity is the presence of surges in your home. Surges can be caused by a variety of things, however, one thing that all surges have in common is they are bad for your appliances and electronics. A surge is a sudden pulse of high electricity. This spike exceeds the maximum voltage of most home appliances and can cause damage that will significantly shorten their lifespan. If you frequently find your appliances’ clocks need resetting or find your devices powered off, it is smart to call a Delaware electrician to try and find the cause of the repeated surges.

Circuit Breaker Trips

When talking about circuit breakers, it is important to understand that breaker tripping is not necessarily a problem in and of itself. Instead, it is suggestive of another underlying issue with the electrical wiring in your home. Breakers are designed to turn off the flow of electricity to an overloaded or short circuit, which effectively protects the circuit from more damage. If you are frequently tripping your breaker, your electrician Wilmington DE can help you determine the cause and repair it before any significant damage occurs.

Not Enough Outlets

While it may seem unimportant or just an annoyance at first, not having enough outlets in your home can result in serious consequences. If your home does not have ample outlets, you are likely to use extension cords and power strips to power devices in your home. This creates an overload on the circuit. In most cases, this is not a huge problem. Your circuit breaker trips after detecting the overload and you can then unplug some devices or just turn a few things off. If you are for any reason lacking a breaker, though, you can overheat the wiring which has the potential to cause electrical fires. If you’re concerned about a lack of outlets in your home, call an electrician Wilmington DE for help and advice!

Electrician Wilmington DE | Joseph Frederick and Sons

If you are experiencing any electrical issues, it’s in your best interest to contact an electrician Wilmington DE. Choosing not to means risking electrocution from exposed wiring or fires from overheated wires. Joseph Frederick and Sons has licensed professionals to help ease your concerns. To learn more about what Joseph Frederick and Sons’ electricians can help you with, visit our website today!