The Most Common Delaware Plumbing Issues

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Plumbers in Wilmington Delaware are often called in to fix the same problems at each location. These mundane issues can still cost you hundreds of dollars each and every year. That total doesn’t even factor in the cost of having a plumber out to your house. While it’s still essential to have a plumber handy, many of these common issues are simple fixes that you can do yourself.

Leaky Faucet

Easily the most common issue seen by plumbers in Wilmington Delaware, a leaky faucet can waste 29 gallons of water monthly, but that’s just a slow drip. A faster leak that goes undetected, maybe in a remote part of your house, can result in 11 gallons of water going down the drain daily. To figure out how much your leak is costing you, drip calculators can be a useful tool. Luckily, this water waste can often be halted by replacing the faucet’s O ring or the cartridge in the tap handle, both of which are simple and cost-effective fixes. However, if you’ve attempted both of these methods and the drip persists, it’s best to call a Delaware plumbing professional to identify the issue to avoid any accidental damage.

Running Toilet

Right behind the leaky faucet in frequency is the running toilet. With this problem potentially wasting 200 gallons every day, getting it fixed in a timely manner is vital. A running toilet is generally caused by tank problems, such as worn-out seals or valve-related issues. Leaks at this rate can result in an extra $50 monthly on your water bill. If you’ve noticed a random spike in your monthly bill despite not changing any of your water-usage habits, it may be time to check the toilets. If you’re having trouble pinning down the culprit for your water waste, Delaware plumbing professionals are more than capable and willing to help you get everything fixed up.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are, in most situations, just caused by neglecting to keep up with clearing your drains as hair and other debris build up in your shower or sink. While a clogged drain may not immediately strike fear into your heart, the continual accumulation can cause serious damage to your drainage system, including causing leaks in pipes. These damages will definitely require plumbers in Wilmington Delaware and can cost hundreds of dollars depending on the severity. For this reason, it’s best to avoid this common issue by regularly snaking and cleaning out your various drains.

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If you’ve been experiencing any of these common plumbing issues and the quick fixes didn’t solve them, it’s time to reach out to Plumbers in Wilmington Delaware. Joseph Frederick and Sons employs a team of experienced plumbing professionals that fix your problems in a safe and timely manner. Visit our website and get your plumbing issues repaired today!