New year, New Bathroom Remodel

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Is remodeling your bathroom your New Year’s resolution? There is so much that goes into a bathroom remodeling project, that it can become stressful and overwhelming. If you are still hesitant about upgrading your bathroom, our plumbers in Delaware explain some things to consider before committing to a remodeling project.

Pick the Right Paint Color

Renovating a bathroom doesn’t happen very often, in fact, many families think this through for several months and even years before making the decision. This is why picking the right paint color needs to be a process and not just a quick idea. While changing the paint on the walls is not that difficult, choosing the right color of paint will save you many headaches in other stages of the remodeling process.

Pick the Right Vanity

When picking a vanity, you have the opportunity to make your bathroom more functional and add extra storage for your necessities. Joseph Frederick and Sons, the best plumbers in Delaware, suggest considering the next few things:

Consider Adding Tile

Adding tile to your countertops, shower and even floors is the easiest way to maintain your bathroom. Tile material is easier to clean than other materials, and it also handles moisture really well, preventing mold and mildew. Additionally, tile is a long-lasting and timeless type of material and comes in different shapes that serve as endless design patterns.

Good Lighting Needs to Be Planned

There are a few factors that will help determine your lighting plans, such as the size of the bathroom, the paint color, and the number of windows that surround the room. For a perfectly well-lit bathroom, it’s essential to find the balance between general, task, and decorative lighting. If you are not sure how to successfully design your bathroom lighting plan, our electrical experts are always ready to help.

Hire an Experienced Plumber in Wilmington DE

The bathroom is one of the most important parts when selling or purchasing a property. Whether you are selling your house, or you want to upgrade your bathroom, remodeling this room will add value to your home. This means it’s crucial to hire experienced plumbers in Delaware like those at Joseph Frederick and Sons, that will get the job done accurately to receive the best return on your investment.

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