Importance of Keeping Your Sewer System Clean This Coming Fall Season

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Autumn is approaching, which means leaves are changing color; soon enough, leaves will be all over the ground. Delaware Plumbing wants to ensure you are keeping a clean and unclogged sewer system. A build-up in your sewer system can cause a foul smell and severe damage to your home. Wilmington Plumbers at Joseph Frederick & Sons wants to ensure that doesn’t happen and is here to help prevent damage to you, your home, and your property.

Sewer Clogging Prevention

Are you discovering an unbearable smell coming from your drains? Or are you witnessing water coming back up from your drains? These are common signs you need to clean your sewer system. As the fall season approaches, plumbers in Wilmington Delaware want to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Here are some tips to help you avoid this problem for this upcoming fall season.

How to Avoid Leaves Clogging Your Sewer Line:

  • Clean your sewer system regularly during the fall season to avoid leaves clogging your system.
  • Make sure they aren’t going into the sewer grate if you rake or blow leaves.
  • If you blow or rake your leaves, put the leaves in a bag and store it away from the drain to prevent wind or rain from blowing leaves into the system.
  • If you smell something terrible coming from the sewer system, contact your closest plumbers in Wilmington Delaware, to inspect and fix the issue.

Why Should I Keep My Sewer System Clear?

Leaving your sewer system unattended can lead to health problems, disgusting smells, financial stress, and a slow drainage system. Wilmington Plumbers want to ensure your family stays in good health by keeping your sewer system squeaky clean. Staying with a cleaning schedule can reduce the risk of health problems and prevent odors throughout your home. A clogged system can lead to flooding, which can cause financial stress when planning to fix the issue. Keeping up with a clean sewer system can speed up your drainage process and reduce the risk of slowing down.

Long-Term Effects of a Clogged Sewer System:

  • A backed-up sewer can cause growth in bacteria, impacting your and your family’s health.
  • Distinctive smells from the system can lead to nausea and headaches.
  • The backed-up system can cause water damage to the foundation of your home.
  • The longer you leave your drain clogged, the more likely your water will become contaminated.

Frederick & Sons | Delaware Plumbing

Wilmington Plumbers at Joseph Frederick & Sons are extensively trained and can help you fix the problem and prevent it from happening again. Plumbers in Wilmington Delaware, stay current with environmental issues and are confident in their approach to helping you resolve your plumbing issue. For more information regarding Delaware Plumbing and other services, visit our website or contact us today.