Benefits Of Switching To A Tankless Water Heater

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Trade that clunky old water heater in for a more energy-efficient tankless model. Switching to a tankless water heater can help you save energy, increase the value of your home, and eliminate some of the problems that may arise when using a traditional, storage-style setup. Between fewer calls to the Delaware plumbing professionals at Jos. Frederick and Sons and the money you’ll save on your energy bill, we think the switch to a tankless water heater could be the move for you.

Superior Efficiency

Homes using 41 gallons of hot water or less daily and equipped with tankless water heaters are 24-34 percent more efficient than homes utilizing a storage-style setup. Even if your home demands 80 gallons daily, a tankless heater is still 8-14 percent more efficient with the potential to be even more efficient if you install additional heaters at each hot water outlet. While tankless options are often more expensive, the savings on your energy bill should make up the difference in due time. When you’re ready to switch and save, give our Delaware plumbing professionals a call and we’ll help you get started saving now.

Fewer Problems

When we say problems, we mean problems of all kinds are associated with using a traditional water heater in your home. Issues like running out of hot water, flooding your home, and even explosions are all possible when you keep a tank in your home. While a minor inconvenience, being forced to take a cold shower is still an occurrence we’d all like to avoid, and water damage from a leaking water heater can be costly, but improper installation or unkept maintenance could cause your traditional water heater to explode and cause injury to someone in or around the home. Fortunately, a tankless model installed by your trusted Delaware plumbing professionals at Jos. Frederick and Sons doesn’t come with the dangerous and costly problems related to traditional models, and can even guarantee you have enough hot water for your shower.

More Bang For Your Buck

Since a tankless heater takes up less space, lasts longer, and increases your home’s efficiency, it also raises the value of your home. In fact, homes with tankless heaters sell for about four percent more than asking price and around 43 days sooner than houses with traditional water heaters. Even if you don’t plan on sticking around in your current home for much longer, a tankless water heater is still a worthwhile investment given its potential for return.

Jos. Frederick And Sons | Benefits Of Switching To A Tankless Water Heater

No more cold showers, high energy bills, or leaky water storage tanks. Let the Delaware plumbing professionals at Jos. Frederick and Sons help you start saving by switching to a tankless water heater and avoiding the disaster of a traditional system.