Are Flushable Wipes Actually Flushable?

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Flushable wipes are advertised as flushable because they contain a plant-based fiber that makes them easier to flush than regular baby wipes. Unfortunately, even though companies advertise these wipes as good for your sewer system Joseph Frederick and Sons, your local plumbers Delaware professionals, are here to tell you that your plumbing systems can't handle the transport of these wipes through your pipes. Delaware plumbing professionals at Joseph Frederick and Sons, want to ensure our customers know the risks of using these wipes and why avoiding them is the best option.

The Leading Causes of Inadequate Plumbing Systems

Clogged drains and toilets, and low water pressure, to name a few, are the leading causes of a bad plumbing system. Low water pressure affects the issue of flushing wipes down the toilet because low pressure can't break down a wipe like it can toilet paper. Toilet paper is designed to disintegrate when flushed, but wipes, flushable or not, don't disintegrate at the same pace as toilet paper, possibly causing a clogged sewer system. When wipes get stuck in pipes, this is what causes clogged pipes and can ruin your drainage system in the long run. Joseph Frederick and Sons, your local plumbers in Wilmington DE want to help you avoid this problem!

Why are Wipes Advertised as Flushable?

Flushable wipes are advertised as being able to flush because of the plant-based fiber found in them. This fiber is said to dissolve quicker than a standard wipe, making it easier to flush and flow through your pipes than a regular wipe not created with plant-based fiber. Additionally, they advertise as being able to disintegrate after flushing like toilet paper, but Joseph Frederick and Sons, your local Delaware plumbing is here to tell you that is not the whole truth.

Stop Using "Flushable" Wipes

When toilet paper is used, it is dry. As water runs over a piece of toilet paper, it dampens and begins to break apart, allowing for easier flushing. However, when a baby wipe or “flushable wipe” is pulled out of a pack, it is already damp. When water is then introduced to the wipe, it simply absorbs more of the water, without disintegrating. Our plumbers Delaware want homeowners to understand that sturdiness of the flushable wipes is what causes build-ups in your sewer system down the line because wipes will never fully disintegrate in the water.

Joseph Frederick and Sons | Plumbers Delaware

Joseph Frederick and Sons, plumbers in Wilmington DE, want to make sure you know what you are flushing down your toilet and understand the damage and financial stress it can cause on your sewer system down the road. We are here to help keep your pipes clean and the sewer system in great shape. Joseph Frederick and Sons, isn’t just your local Delaware plumbing company but is also available for all your HVAC Wilmington DE needs! To reach our team of plumbers in Wilmington DE visit our website: