3 Signs You Should Replace Your Home Air Filters

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Your home air filter is one of the easiest types of maintenance you can perform on your Delaware heating and air system. A quick stop at Lowe’s or Home Depot, five minutes of finding and swapping the filters, and your air conditioning unit is good to go. Despite how easy it is to replace, home air filters can have tremendous benefits for your air quality and can reduce the frequency HVAC companies in Delaware need to visit your home. Unfortunately, the changing of air filters is a mundane and easily forgotten task, which can result in higher bills and more discomfort. If you want to make sure your home has the freshest air possible, you should keep your eye on a few things in particular.

1. Dust Collection

The primary role of your Delaware heating and air system filters is to filter out all of the dust and other particles that are circulating in your home. As your filter ages, it becomes clogged with dust and cannot hold anymore. This leads to dust accumulation on your furniture and around the vents in particular. If you’ve noticed your dresser or coffee table is dustier than usual, check your vents and see if your filters are to blame.

2. More Allergy Attacks

All of the dust accumulation can result in some really unpleasant outcomes. If your filter is no longer taking care of the dust and dirt, it also may be allowing in pollen and other allergens. This can lead to sneezing fits, itchy eyes, and more. If you generally don’t experience many allergy attacks and all of a sudden have noticed these symptoms, it may be time to replace the air filters in your home. Especially as we near the warmer seasons, airborne allergens will be prevalent. Make sure you protect yourself and your family from excessive allergy discomfort.

3. Your Air Isn’t As Cold

Old air filters don’t just allow in bad things, they can also withhold the good things. If your Delaware heating and air system is all of a sudden not able to keep your home cool, check out your filters. As they filter out more and more airborne particles, it is tougher for the cold air to get into your home. This can leave you warm and uncomfortable all day. While the cause of this may not be your air filter, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try before calling HVAC companies in Delaware.

Delaware Heating and Air | Joseph Frederick and Sons

If you’ve tried replacing your filters and are still having issues with your Delaware heating and air, Joseph Frederick and Sons is here to help. Our NATE-certified technicians will have your air conditioning unit ready to go in no time. To learn more about why Joseph Frederick and Sons is better than other HVAC companies in Delaware, visit our website today!