2022 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

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As we’re now two years into the new decade, the style of the 20s is beginning to establish itself! Whether you’re looking to keep up with the trends or prepare your house to be put on the market, it’s important to remodel your kitchen intentionally and keep your style up-to-date with these styles that please the eye and don’t break the bank. Continue reading to check out the latest styles that our remodeling Wilmington DE service team is loving!

Wood Finishes

One style that our kitchen remodeling Wilmington DE team is noticing has been a renewed focus on natural and sustainable products in the kitchen. From butcher block countertops and exposed beams to reclaimed furniture and simple cabinetry with light crowning, the natural style of these wood-finished kitchens is a great addition to the value of your home. While in the past, cabinetry has been a lighter grain, our Delaware kitchen remodeling services have noticed a change to darker grains and stains for a warm depth that complements the heart of the home. With the help of Joseph Frederick and Sons, the leading kitchen remodeling Wilmington DE contractor, we can take your space and create a beautiful accent room for your home. Choose from a wide range of kitchen cabinet installations and other renovation elements to transform the look of your kitchen.

Statement Countertop Slabs

Statement slabs are a great way to make a mark on your kitchen. Filling your kitchen workspace with a personality from a quality countertop brings inspiration to the kitchen, and heightens the value of your space. Our remodeling Wilmington DE team is noticing an upward trend of quartz and granite in the kitchen, with the countertop extending to the backsplash. With the help of our kitchen remodeling Wilmington DE team, we can make your kitchen remodeling dreams come true.

Original Organization Concepts

So long to the days of modular cabinetry! Our remodeling Wilmington DE team is seeing an increase in design cabinetry that is designed for utility and creativity. More than half of homeowners this year are upgrading their space with storage solutions. A clean and functional kitchen can boost productivity, organization, and inspiration. Our kitchen remodeling Wilmington DE experts at Joseph Frederick and Sons offer cabinetry installation, simplifying your remodeling Wilmington DE experience!

Joseph Frederick and Sons | Delaware Kitchen Remodeling Services

Joseph Frederick and Sons works tirelessly to ensure your total satisfaction with your kitchen remodeling Wilmington DE experience. With expertise in project management, years of experience under our belts, quality products, and dedicated customer service, our remodeling Wilmington DE team are here for you. To learn more about our remodeling Wilmington DE services, please visit our website.