Why Is Annual HVAC Maintenance Essential?

What if you were told that if you invest a little time and money, you could breathe clean air, drink clean water, enjoy increased safety and live a comfortable life inside your home during all seasons? Joseph Frederick & Sons, HVAC in Wilmington DE, can offer you a comfortable life and boost your overall peace […]

How Can You Troubleshoot Your Problems Before You Call HVAC Experts?

Your life can be turned upside down when your heating, air conditioning, or the ventilation system go haywire. Most people turn to the professional HVAC in Wilmington DE. But did you know that you can troubleshoot your problems and handle some of them yourself? It is a wise choice to call the experts in HVAC […]

HVAC Tips to Follow During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought about unprecedented changes to everyone’s lives. Offices, schools, and many stores are shut, and people are forced to stay indoors as much as possible. This is a great time to make sure your home is comfortable, since you will be spending much of your time here. This is a good […]

Keep Your Septic System Running Properly

While many homes utilize sewer systems, those in more rural areas may operate on a septic system. Septic tanks do take a bit of maintenance to keep them working efficiently, but that does not mean it must be complicated. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your septic system continues working […]

Selecting the Right Light Bulbs for Each Room in Your Home

Specific types of lighting can make a huge difference in your home. Lighting isn’t just a part of decorating a room, but instead, it can affect the entire atmosphere of your home. However, purchasing different light bulbs can become extremely overwhelming due to the vast variety of options to choose from. Check out these four […]

Spring Plumbing Projects

As spring rolls around, so does your list of general cleaning chores. For homeowners, preparation should begin with the plumbing system. Preparing your home’s plumbing for spring can help you avoid expensive repairs in the long run. Our technicians are more than ready to help you tackle your spring plumbing projects.  Inspect your Pipes Having […]

Why Does Your Clean Toilet Smell?

Assuming that you have done your due diligence in cleaning and disinfecting your toilet properly, there should not be an odor coming from your toilet. However, it happens, even if you spray air freshening products and light candles all over the bathroom. Also, keep in mind that this can introduce toxins into the air, decreasing […]

Tips to Help Maintain Your A/C Unit This Summer

Warmer days are around the corner, which means more air conditioning usage. To get the most enjoyment and value out of your cooling system, it is necessary to properly maintain it. Without a doubt, it’s far cheaper to maintain this appliance on a regular basis than it is to repair or replace it. Proper maintenance […]

Prevent Drain Clogs Before They Occur

Dealing with a clogged drain can be a huge pain, and clogs often occur at the worst of times. Not only are they inconvenient, but they are bad for your plumbing system. You don’t have to spend a wad of cash to prevent drain clogs. In fact, you don’t have to spend money at all, […]

Solve Humidity Issues in Your Home

Controlling the humidity levels in your home is a large part of maximizing your comfort and minimizing your energy consumption. The recommended humidity levels within a home are between 30-50%. Too much or too little humidity can cause difficulties for homeowners. Not only that, but we also need humidity for our health. Relative humidity is […]