Natural Gas Conversion

Enjoy greater value from your energy dollar with natural gas. Joseph Frederick & Sons provides propane to gas and oil to gas conversion for our customers. we specialize in improving the comfort, convenience, and affordability of local homes and businesses.

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Jos. Frederick & Sons Website Detail - Team Page
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Contact us at 302-994-5786 for expert service, and we’ll send a uniformed professional to your door, prepared for the challenges of any job.  There’s no damage, no left behind debris, no mess to clean up, and the process is quick and safe.  With higher standards of workmanship, Joseph Frederick & Sons delivers total satisfaction.  One Call, One Company, A Family You Can Trust.

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Why invest in natural gas conversion?

Superior Comfort

Compared to oil and propane, natural gas produces heat that is 25 to 35 degrees warmer.  Plus, natural gas furnaces provide more evenly distributed heat throughout the home, are wonderfully energy efficient, and with proper maintenance, can continue to operate effectively for up to twenty years.


Switching from oil or propane to natural gas can potentially trim your energy bill by ten to twenty percent.  And because natural gas equipment requires less maintenance and succumbs to fewer repairs, you’ll also save on the cost of equipment upkeep.


There’s no need to set up delivery, no monitoring levels, and no worry of running short of fuel.  Your supply of natural gas isn’t disrupted by a power outage.  There’s nothing to clean up and no unpleasant odors.
Versatility – With natural gas available, you can not only heat your home but answer the demand of other household requirements, such as drying clothes, cooking, and water heating.


Converting to natural gas increases the resale of your home. Improving convenience, reliability, safety, and comfort, while easily recovering the initial investment through energy savings, switching to natural gas makes financial sense.