A dripping faucet can waste gallons of water and hundreds of dollars.  A constantly running toilet can keep you awake at night.  Even minor plumbing leaks can cause extensive property damage.  When you experience any difficulties with your plumbing, from drain and sewer, to water heaters and failing toilets, trust the experts from Joseph Frederick & Sons.  We handle renovation and additions, install and maintain water heaters, install and repair drain/sewer lines, and handle everything that ensures clean water comes in and dirty water flows out.  Joseph Frederick & Sons is your one-stop shop for all of your plumbing needs, and we answer with highly trained, licensed professionals who get the job done right.

Dependable plumbing service starts with us!

If you’re confronted with a sewer problem, the solution is as simple as contacting Joseph Frederick & Sons.  Our licensed plumbers are highly experienced, extensively trained, and will not only fix your problem, but help you avoid difficulties in the future.  No one is more qualified to deliver the help you need.  Our technicians participate in essential training, staying current with environmental issues, county regulations, and technical advancements.  Our valued customers choose us for septic services because we understand system anatomy, know where troubles start, and complete innovative and cost-effective solutions.

At Joseph Frederick & Sons, we are experts at solving every type of drain and sewer line problem.  Know that when you trust your plumbing to us, your issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently.  Using advanced tools and technology, our licensed specialists determine the source of the clog and effectively clear it, preventing damage to pipes and ensuring lasting results.  While you might be tempted to reach for the plunger, you may actually worsen the clog by driving it deeper.  Clogs can be caused by everything from soap, hair, grease, toilet paper, toothpaste, and foreign objects.  Your toilet, sink, and tub share the same drain.  Kitchen sinks and laundry drains are connected in numerous places.  A blockage in the line can impact all of them.  A slow moving drain is a warning sign.  Don’t wait.  Let us handle the dirty work, so you can enjoy the results.

As a trusted source for plumbing services and repairs in the Wilmington area, the licensed professionals from Joseph Frederick & Sons are equipped to handle any issues you may experience with your water heater.  Tackling problems on your own can be a costly mistake.  Thanks to our reasonable rates, there’s no need.  We make it affordable and easy to have your water heater serviced or repaired.  Should you need a new water heater, we’ll work with you, explain options, provide quick and expert installation, and stay within your budget.

Consider one of our many options for your water heater!

Brian-RobYour new water heater needs to provide sufficient hot water, operate efficiently, and provide years of reliable service.  From the outside looking in, water heaters look about the same.  Settling for the cheapest unit can actually cost you more in the long run.  Spending a little more will get you a longer warranty, larger heating element, thicker insulation, and longer corrosion fighting metal anodes.  Since heating water accounts for up to 20% of the average home’s energy budget, you want to make smart choices.  Investing in an ENERGY STAR rated gas storage water heater instead of a standard model can save about $40 per year, which adds up to a savings of $360 over the lifetime of the unit.

Consider the convenience, energy savings, and advantages of a tankless water heater.  With these modern alternatives, you’ll never run out of hot water.  There are no storage tanks, so the unit takes up very little space, can be mounted on a wall, and there’s no fear of damage from a ruptured tank.  You’ll enjoy an endless supply of clean, hot water, that hasn’t absorbed rust and other potential contaminants from sitting in a tank.  This also eliminates the energy losses of constantly reheating water.  The experienced professionals from Joseph Frederick & Sons can help you decide the size and style of water heater that’s exactly right for you.  We’ll protect your interests with knowledgeable recommendations, accurate installation, and preventative maintenance.

For reliable plumbing and hot water tank repairs, service, and installations, contact Joseph Frederick & Sons!

The best way to protect against plumbing problems, costly repairs, inconvenience, and damage to your home is with a regular maintenance schedule.  Issues with pipes can strike with very little or no warning at all.  A thorough inspection and troubleshooting, performed by our licensed plumbers, is essential to catching small problems before they grow.  When problems occur, trust Joseph Frederick & Sons for prompt and reliable service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Continually family owned and operated since 1947, Joseph Frederick & Sons offers satisfaction on every project.  We are committed to providing quality service to meet the exact needs of our customers throughout Wilmington, DE; Pike Creek, DE; Newark, DE; Claymont, DE; Hockessin, DE; Middletown, DE; Bear, DE; Landenberg, PA; Avondale, PA.

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