Andrew F.

Andrew F. - Electrician.

Andrew F.


5 Reviews

“I'm thankful to have Jos. Frederick & Sons involved with all necessary things I require at times – all is explained and they work well doing whatever is necessary. I have had them working on all items I require – under plumbing, electrical, replacement of items – Andrew and Cameron worked well and explained all during this job of today. Thank you
Kathleen F.”
- Kathleen F.
“Andrew and Cameron were very courteous and professional , they did an excellent job and worked well as a team. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for work to be done in a residential or commercial setting.

Robert F. Montgomery II”
- Robert M.
“Andrew and his partner were wonderful. Extremely . I had a very tricky light/switch issue. They consulted the operations manual, ON LINE (which I never would have thought to do) to fix it. Fabulous. Kudos to them both. Thanks. Paul J. Arendt”
- Paul J. A.
“Andrew and Cameron, were punctual, arriving in A.M. Very polite, explained how generator would be serviced. Obviously had material/supplies on their truck to complete the jobl.. Andrew explained what they did today, and it was time for the annual maintenence service. I appreciate their courtesy, professionalism, efficient service.

Thanks to Jos. Frederick & Sons for having both Techs. on your staff . . . fine reps. Lillian Collings”
- Lillian C.