firstfleetThe licensed electricians from Joseph Frederick & Sons are your qualified source for electrical services across Wilmington, DE; Pike Creek, DE; Newark, DE; Claymont, DE; Hockessin, DE; Middletown, DE; Bear, DE; Landenberg, PA; Avondale, PA.  With safety as a priority, we handle new installation, remodeling projects, upgrades, wiring, maintenance, repair solutions, generators, and more.  Our hands-on experience and extensive training allow us to answer your specific requirements with the highest quality products and workmanship.  All jobs are completed quickly and with careful regard to your home and property.  Your safety and satisfaction is of the utmost importance, and through personalized and courteous service, we strive to provide a rewarding experience.

According to studies performed by the US Fire Administration, around 485 deaths and 2305 injuries have been linked to electrical fires each year.  The majority of those fires are caused by improperly installed electrical wiring, which can be the result of do-it-yourself projects.  Don’t take the risk. Trust the licensed electricians from Joseph Frederick & Sons to competently handle everything from small and simple, to extensive and complex projects.

Professional, Safe Electrical Services in the Wilmington Area

With the introduction of modern conveniences, household electrical requirements continue to grow.  Whether you’ve decided to replace an overhead fixture, renovate a kitchen or bathroom, add a hot tub or swimming pool, install a backup generator, or are experiencing difficulties with existing electrical systems, Joseph Frederick & Sons provides trustworthy, fairly priced, and prompt completion of your project from start to finish.  We offer helpful recommendations and insightful ideas for creating a welcoming, user-friendly, and practical living space.  We’ll help you figure out your remodeling project, get rid of unsightly electrical cords, improve security, and light up your life.

With helpful recommendations and proper installation of a backup generator, Joseph Frederick & Sons ensures reliability and peak performance.  Permanently installed, backup generators safeguard against damage, inconvenience, and interruption caused by power outages.  Operating on gas or liquid propane, these units are located outside, much like a central air conditioning unit.  When the electricity you depend on is suddenly unavailable, a home backup generator starts up automatically and runs until utility power is restored.  Power is delivered directly to your home’s electrical system, and you make the decision whether your entire home or just select appliances are kept operational.

Trust in Joseph Frederick & Sons for your electrical and generator needs throughout Wilmington, DE; Pike Creek, DE; Newark, DE; Claymont, DE; Hockessin, DE; Middletown, DE; Bear, DE; Landenberg, PA; Avondale, PA!

Some of the many benefits of a modern backup generator include:

  • The availability of an automatic, reliable source of power whether you are at home or away
  • Relying on existing natural gas or liquid propane as a fuel source, there is never a need for refueling
  • With power delivered directly to your home, you can avoid feeding long extension cords through windows
  • When the unit senses a power outage, it gets up to speed and generates electricity within seconds
  • Safely leave home and know the generator will handle and continue safe operation until utility power returns
  • Avoid damage to home, appliances, and sensitive material caused by sudden and lengthy power outages
  • Eliminate disruption and inconvenience that results from power losses
  • Choose whether to power the entire home or preselect the priority of your appliances powered by the standby generator
  • Guaranteed safe operation with proper and timely installation from Joseph Frederick & Sons

When handled by Joseph Frederick & Sons, all repairs and services are completed in compliance with all applicable state, local, and federal codes. As a private, family owned business, Joseph Frederick & Sons is committed to meeting the needs of our clients in a timely, cost-effective manner. And best of all, you can count on Joseph Frederick & Sons for 24/7 customer support in emergency situations!

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