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Every winter season, we receive tons of no-heat calls that could have been prevented with regular system servicing of their HVAC in Wilmington DE. Repairs are always inconvenient and usually triple the cost of seasonal maintenance. Professional system checks on your furnace or other heating system can have a significant impact on reliability, which is why all manufacturers recommend regular checks. Many manufacturers will require a record of service to ensure warranty coverage. The key to consistent, safe, and efficient operation is as simple as a phone call to Joseph Frederick & Sons, the HVAC Delaware experts. Our NATE-certified professionals will handle all the big and little tasks that promote smooth operation and uninterrupted comfort.

Trust the team of expert technicians for servicing your HVAC in Wilmington DE!

Be aware that whether you’re in need of heating installation, maintenance, or repair, the service is only as good as the technicians who provide it. Qualified professionals deliver quality work. At Joseph Frederick & Sons, we’ve assembled a team of highly trained, experienced, and licensed HVAC Delaware specialists who have the tools, background, and dedication to do the job right. We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, a distinction earned by upholding exceptionally high standards in technical know-how, product knowledge, and ongoing factory training. Know that when you put us to work for you, our NATE-certified technicians protect your best interests with a higher level of skill and expertise.

Enrolling in a maintenance agreement from Joseph Frederick & Sons provides some of the following benefits:

  • Energy Savings – A properly maintained system uses less energy and runs more efficiently. As heating equipment experiences technical difficulties or suffers from restricted airflow, overall efficiency will diminish. Through regular cleaning and adjustments, our NATE-certified technicians restore original conditions and promote peak operation. You stand to save 25% to 40% in total energy costs with proper servicing of your HVAC in Wilmington DE.
  • Money Savings – Along with maximizing energy savings, regular service extends the life of equipment. Without proper care, a heating system can wear out quickly. Minor things start to go wrong. If not addressed, these problems impact the unit as a whole, causing it to work harder and fail that much quicker. A properly tuned system will meet your demands season after season.
  • Reliability – A thorough check-up in the fall gets your heating system ready for winter. There’s plenty of time for any worn or broken parts to be replaced. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Joseph Frederick & Sons relies on Factory Authorized Parts to ensure optimum durability and efficiency. We complete an extensive list of tasks targeted at safe, reliable, and smooth operation, eliminating the majority of potential repair needs.
  • Peace of Mind – As homes are tightened to prevent energy losses, heating system combustion byproducts are a growing health concern. Virtually every gas furnace produces some carbon monoxide, which is safely vented. A clean, properly operating gas furnace produces very small amounts of carbon monoxide. A dirty, inefficiently burning gas unit can potentially produce deadly amounts. With regular cleaning and operational checks, Joseph Frederick & Sons ensures safe operation of your HVAC in Wilmington DE.
  • Safety Checks – Many older furnaces have insufficient safety features. The buildup of dust and debris disrupts the necessary flow of air and can cause overheating. Heat exchangers often fail due to overheating or moisture damage. Cracks may develop in the sheet metal or along welded seams. Holes may be caused by rust or corrosion. While these imperfections may not be visible to the naked eye, they can leak combustion byproducts into breathing air. Through careful inspection, and meticulous checks of start up, operation, and shutdown of your heating system, Joseph Frederick & Sons verifies safe operation.
  • Customer Assurance Plan – When you enroll in a maintenance plan from Joseph Frederick & Sons, you receive annual cleaning, inspection, and maintenance at a discounted rate. You’ll save up to 15% on required repairs to your covered system, enjoy priority scheduling, and 24/7 Emergency Service with no overtime charges. We also offer a one-year guarantee on repairs. Trust your comfort to Joseph Frederick & Sons. One call, one company, a family you can trust.