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A boiler can manage the heating and hot water requirements in commercial facilities, apartments, and private homes, offering single or multiple heating zones. Choose from natural gas, propane, oil-burning systems, and models that use only electricity, and benefit from even, reliable and efficient performance. Whether you’re looking for a heat source for your radiator or radiant system, modern advances in design and technology make boilers a great way to heat, no matter the fuel source. Joseph Frederick & Sons offers a wide range of choices, and offers prompt installation, upgrades, maintenance and repair. Our NATE-certified team has the technical skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience to make sure your boiler meets your needs and expectations.

Time for a new heating installation? A boiler might be for you!

CarrierWith a boiler, the feel of the heat is unique. Rather than being introduced through a vent, heat is infused into the air for a more even and gentle comfort. Because boiler systems supply heat via closed tubing that can be fed through large old radiators, modern baseboard heaters, or hidden in floors, they don’t create dust in the same way as forced air heating. This dust can aggravate symptoms of asthma and allergies, whereas a boiler is a very clean form of heating. These systems have the advantage of room-by-room control. Easily designed with separate zones, a boiler allows heating of some parts of the house and not others, preventing energy waste. You can also adjust and maintain your indoor climate to your specific, exacting levels, customizing different rooms to personal preferences.

Knowledgeable installation of your new boiler is the key to ensuring satisfactory performance, conservation of energy, and long life of the equipment. Incorrect installation, lack of necessary repairs, and neglected maintenance can lead to system failure and costly replacement. There is even the possibility of terrible consequences, in cases of carbon monoxide leakage. Protect your comfort, safety, and investment with a maintenance plan from Joseph Frederick & Sons. Through regular safety checks, comprehensive cleaning, and overall troubleshooting, we maintain ideal efficiency and ensure smooth and lasting operation.

When you’re considering the installation of a boiler system, Carrier is the gold standard. Having earned recognition as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Joseph Frederick & Sons is pleased to offer our customers superior choices in heating and cooling. Carrier’s industry-leading boilers feature durable stainless steel or titanium burners, and meticulously engineered heat exchangers constructed of cast iron or cast aluminum. Electronic ignition eliminates the need for continuously burning pilot lights, and ENERGY STAR certified models can reduce annual heating costs by 25%. These modern, state-of-the-art systems are nearly silent, economical to run, and can provide plentiful and consistent hot water for properties with high hot water demand.


Carrier gas and oil fired boilers are the perfect heating source for a radiant system. Radiant systems offer up to a 40% savings over traditional heating systems. Consider that water is denser than air and can transport 3,200 times more heat per cubic foot. It can circulate slowly, evenly, and silently, providing efficient and consistent warmth without the noise, draft, and dust of forced air systems. Enjoy a perfect blanket of heat, right where you’ll enjoy it most. If you are interested in learning more about the many benefits of radiant heat, contact the experts from Joseph Frederick & Sons. Our factory trained installation team can make helpful recommendations, design, and execute your under-floor heating system.

Let the NATE-certified team from Joseph Frederick & Sons help you determine the right choices to perfectly suit your household needs. Family owned and operated, with over six decades of industry experience, we’re familiar with local weather, understand what it takes to meet the challenges of home comfort, and recognize the importance of affordable and reliable solutions. We work within your budget and specifications to meet your expectations and answer your goals for efficiency and performance. Our extensively trained staff of technicians handle every facet of your project in a professional, personalized, and timely manner. Contact Joseph Frederick & Sons for boiler installation, upgrades, maintenance, and 24/7 Emergency Service in Wilmington, DE; Pike Creek, DE; Newark, DE; Claymont, DE; Hockessin, DE; Middletown, DE; Bear, DE; Landenberg, PA; Avondale, PA. One call, one company, a family you can trust.