Air Conditioning Repair

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Whatever type of cooling equipment you have, it is a complex system.  While air conditioners are generally quite reliable, over months and years of intense usage, breakdowns are an unfortunate part of life.  Delaying professional air conditioning repair Delaware service can often cause more extensive damage.  A minor issue with one component may set off a chain reaction that compromises the entire unit.  Suddenly, an inexpensive adjustment turns into complete system failure.  Whether you’re faced with pesky little aggravations or something more serious, the licensed air conditioning Wilmington DE technicians from Joseph Frederick & Sons perform prompt, accurate, and lasting repair work.

Air Conditioning repair Delaware services you can count on!

Our NATE-certified technicians have the experience, technical training, and sophisticated tools to service all makes and models.  We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, ensuring unwavering dedication to excellence with each air conditioning repair in Delaware. Our team participates in regular factory updates, remaining current with advancements in technology and techniques. By trusting your HVAC systems to licensed and educated professionals, you are ensured of accurate and innovative solutions that hold up under extreme weather and heavy workload. And we are always available when you need us.  For those times when waiting for regular business hours is not an option, count on 24/7 Emergency Service from Joseph Frederick & Sons.

Central air conditioners rely on two main components; the condenser and the evaporator.  The system works by a process of continually condensing gas into a liquid.  With precisely charged refrigerant, all the hot air that is inside of your home travels outside and into the condenser coils.  Any problems with refrigerant, motors, or accumulation of dust will significantly reduce efficiency, system service life, and cooling capacity.  Both the condenser and evaporator are sealed and require a professional service technician to provide regular maintenance and repairs.  It is essential to your comfort and operational costs to address any cooling issues as soon as possible.

Air conditioning generates a great deal of water. Humidity extraction is an essential part of the cooling process. Condensation exits through a drain tube and is delivered either to a floor drain or condensate pump that transfers it outdoors. The wet, warm conditions of a condensate collector beneath a central A/C evaporator coil is the ideal algae breeding ground. This harmful growth may form a blockage, leading to extensive property damage if not corrected quickly. If you notice any dripping, leakage, or excess moisture, contact Joseph Frederick & Sons for swift response and reliable air conditioning repair Delaware solutions. If you notice any musty smells, screeching sounds, extended run times, poor cooling capacity, reduced humidity control, elevated energy costs, or any decrease in performance, your best defense is professional service from the licensed professionals from Joseph Frederick & Sons.


A large portion of your household budget is devoted to maintaining perfect temperatures in your home. That cost only rises when your heating system isn’t working properly. The majority of issues are caused by the accumulation of dust and debris within the system, requiring simple cleaning and adjustment. When handled quickly, more costly repairs are avoided. To ensure safety, energy savings, healthy air quality, reliable performance, and uninterrupted comfort, contact the air conditioning Wilmington DE professionals at Joseph Frederick & Sons to resolve any difficulties you may experience. Family owned and operated since 1947, we are dedicated to the total satisfaction of our valued customers across Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. One call, one company, a family you can trust.