Air Conditioning Installation

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Since our start in 1947, Joseph Frederick & Sons has seen some very exciting changes in cooling technology. Advancements in design and engineering deliver intelligent systems that answer the demand for comfort without excessive cost. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Joseph Frederick & Sons is qualified and pleased to offer the most innovative equipment on the air conditioning Wilmington DE market. When products from the Infinity Series are partnered with Infinity Control, you’re given the keys to your own, personal oasis. A single, user-friendly device offers energy tracking, filter and maintenance alerts, and customization of temperature, humidity, ventilation, fan speed, air quality, and more. The system remembers up to eight comfort preferences and automatically adapts to varying conditions within the home, adjusting speeds to always operate at peak efficiency. It even knows to conserve energy when you’re out of the house and welcomes you home with the perfect temperature. Access the features of this ground-breaking system from your computer, tablet, or smartphone to suit your needs, whether you’re tucked in bed, at work, or half a world away. With outstanding warranties, factory rebates, and amazing efficiency ratings, this is the perfect time to invest in air conditioning, and the team from Joseph Frederick & Sons makes air conditioner installation Delaware services simple, affordable, and rewarding.

Enjoy the benefits of expert central Air Conditioner installation Delaware Services!

Relying on numerous window units throughout the house is an inefficient means of cooling and dehumidifying. Window units draw large amounts of energy, are unattractive, and present a security risk. Placed partially inside the house through an open window, these units create disruptive noise levels and destroy your view. With central air conditioning Wilmington DE units, equal cooling is provided throughout the home by a single system.The condenser is located outside, keeping noise levels to an absolute minimum for quiet comfort. Because the working parts are kept out of the house, the unit is inconspicuous and doesn’t take up room inside.

There are air quality benefits to whole-home cooling. The filter utilized in a central air conditioner removes pollutants and allergens from breathing air. This system can even capture the most microscopic contaminants, providing a constant source of clean, cool air. Your central air system not only handles air quality and temperature but also controls moisture levels. Everyone is familiar with that uncomfortable sticky feeling associated with elevated humidity. But did you know it encourages cockroaches, dust mites, and other insects, as well as leads to mold growth? Excessive humidity can result in musty odors, feelings of fatigue, discomfort, and aggravated symptoms of allergies. With air conditioner installation Delaware services, you can enjoy a state-of-the-art home cooling systems. Breathe easy and enjoy a cleaner, healthier home!

We provide accurate and efficient air conditioner installation in Delaware!

Investing in a cool, comfortable indoor environment is a rewarding decision that provides years of enjoyment. In order to benefit from reliable, efficient and long-term performance, it is crucial that your new air conditioning Wilmington DE system is sized and installed properly. Too small of a unit will be unable to achieve desirable temperatures during times of extreme heat. Too large of a unit will cost more to both purchases and operate, as constant cycling will prevent ideal efficiency. If you are replacing an outdated system, beware of the contractor who relies on old equipment to size new equipment. Over the years, you’ve probably made some energy-saving improvements around the house, reducing heat gain in summer. New windows, weatherstripping, insulation, and tightening of the home envelope allows for a smaller cooling system. Trust Joseph Frederick & Sons to factor in everything from the number of windows and age of occupants, to attics and crawlspaces, to determine appropriate equipment sizes and type to properly cool your home and ensure reliable comfort and efficiency.


Committed to the utmost in integrity and professional service, Joseph Frederick & Sons has been distinguished as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. We take pride in conscientious workmanship and customer dedication. Our team is made up of NATE-certified professionals, who have passed a stringent set of core and specialty exams, verifying their technical competency. They also receive ongoing training, specific to Carrier technology and products, remaining updated with increasingly complex advancements. Through superior knowledge, we deliver superior air conditioner installation Delaware services. Contact Joseph Frederick & Sons to enjoy the Wilmington area summers like never before. One call, one company, a family you can trust.