Your Guide For Room-by-Room Lighting From Electricians in Delaware

Lighting is one of the most important aspects when decorating your home. Lighting can affect mood, and it really sets the tone for your space. Lighting doesn’t work the same way in each room of your home, however. Depending on the size, natural lighting, and even the color of the walls, lighting can change. Whether you are moving into your first home or you’re looking to elevate your space, These lighting tips from the premier electricians in Delaware are for you.


Living Room

The living room is largely one of the most commonly used rooms in the house. This is an area in the house in which people tend to spend longer periods of time together, often playing games, conversing, or even just watching TV. For this room in the house, it is optimal to lean towards lighting that bounces off of the walls and ceiling. This lighting creates a lightness in the atmosphere, promoting positive thoughts and avoids the shadows that may give off feelings of isolation or disconnection.

To accomplish this form of “bouncing” light, HGTV suggests adding “soffit” lighting, which is lighting that washes the walls in light. This can even be accomplished with a floor lamp with upward-facing globes placed in the corner of a room. 


The kitchen is a major place of importance for most homes. A lot of work goes on here, including cooking, cleaning, and important tasks that must be met with careful detail such as veggie prep. You don’t want to be cutting vegetables in the dark! 

One of the best ways to incorporate lighting is by making use of the natural lighting. There are commonly windows around the sink area, which is valuable when needing to ensure that your dishes are cleaned properly.

However, natural lighting doesn’t always cut it. What type of lighting is bright enough for your kitchen preparation tasks while maximizing your counter space? Mounted LED lights are a perfect way to brighten your space and give you all the room that you need for your favorite recipes. 

For overhead lighting, a ceiling-mounted lighting fixture providing soft, ambient light would do the trick for your kitchen needs. Take your lighting to the next level by adding dimming fixtures. 


Your bedroom should be your center for retreat. Your lighting should reflect that! Ambient lighting is the perfect option for a cozy bedroom. Floor lamps and wall fixtures can achieve this look. Overhead lighting is best avoided. From the bed, the ceiling fixture bulbs are exposed, giving a harsh feel.

Electricians in Delaware understand, however, that the bedroom is a common place to do some nighttime reading or last-minute work before bed. That’s why optimal bedside lighting is important. Wall-mounted fixtures on either side of the bed can provide sufficient lighting without directly assaulting your tired eyes. 


A lot of self-care occurs in the bathroom. From applying your daily skincare routine to shaving your beard, you need lighting that will allow you to confidently accomplish your hygiene tasks. Avoid overhead lighting as your only light source. This produces shadows, making it harder to see what you’re doing. This is especially important when you’re shaving.

Instead, electricians in Delaware highly recommend adding vanity lights on either side of the bathroom mirror. Not only does this illuminate you, it brightens the sink area. This is optimal for cleaning and maintenance. 

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