Why Is My Toilet Running?

Many households experience the common issue of a running toilet. You may think of it as a small inconvenience, but it can actually cost you hundreds of dollars in just a short time. There are a few reasons your toilet may be running:

Flapper Seal/Flush Valve

A failing flapper seal or flush valve is typically the most common reason for your running toilet. A newer toilet will have a flush valve, but older toilets have the traditional chain and flapper seal. The flush valve is made up of the flapper seal, overflow valve, and the flushing mechanism minus the chain. Over time, the seal that allows and prohibits the flow of water from the tank to the bowl of the toilet can become old and warped, which prevents a proper seal. If you are wondering if your flapper seal or flush valve needs to be replaced, drop a few droplets of food coloring into the tank and wait a few minutes. If the dyed water shows up in the toilet bowl without you flushing it, the flapper seal or flush valve needs replacing.

Flapper Chain

When your toilet was first installed, the flapper chain may have been too short or long for your toilet’s handle. This will cause the flapper seal to not close completely. If the chain is too short, the flapper seal won’t fully shut and water will continually run. If it is too long, it may hinder the flapper seal closing and keep it from establishing a water-tight seal. This can be fixed easily by just adjusting the flapper chain’s length.

Leaky Fill Valve

Your toilet’s fill valve may have a leak, causing your toilet to run continuously. Check to see if your fill valve is leaking by flushing your toilet. Lift up the float arm while the tank is refilling to stop the water. If the tank continues to fill with water and eventually flows into the overflow valve, your fill valve needs to be replaced.

Old/Corroded Toilet Handle

If your toilet handle remains down for an extended period of time after you flush, the toilet handle is stiff, old, and corroded. When your toilet handle remains down, your toilet will run for as long as the handle stays in that position. Either loosen the toilet handle so it does not stick or replace any corroded parts.

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