Uses For Portable Generators

Portable generators have many uses that you may have never thought of. If you are thinking of making the investment, here are some things that your portable generator can be used for:

Outdoor Activities

Camping is much more convenient with a portable generator! Bringing along a generator will allow you to use a microwave, toaster, or an electric fan if you just can’t live without it. If you are living the outdoor life for an extended amount of time, you could even bring along a mini-fridge for your perishable items. 

Business, Commercial, Contractors

If electricity is unavailable on construction sites, contractors and workers can make use of generators to operate their tools. This will also give them light to work during the night. It is also a good idea for small business owners, such as markets or restaurants, if their business could be affected by a power outage resulting in spoiled perishables. Backup electricity sources are also vital for healthcare providers.


Avoid stringing extension cords out of your back door by powering your electric saws and drills with a portable generator. Your home improvement projects will be simplified!


A concert requires tons of power, and it may overload circuits if all the power is sourced from the supply lines. With a few portable generators, you can save your concert or backyard get-together from an unfortunate blackout! Use one to power the speakers, one for lights, and another for pyrotechnics. You don’t want a fun night to go south because of power issues!

Extreme Weather 

If extreme weather threatens your area frequently, a backup generator would be a good investment. It is also beneficial for those who live on the coast, where storms and tornadoes can occur. You never know when an emergency situation will arise, so make sure that you have backup energy. 

Emergency Backup

Having a whole house generator is never a bad idea. You will feel imminent relief knowing that you will never again lose power in the middle of the night, or at any other time. A whole house generator can power your fridge, television, and more, but it does depend on the wattage of your generate. 

Jos. Frederick & Sons

Investing in a backup portable generator is something that you will never regret. If you are even considering the purchase, there is never a wrong time to take the leap! Backup generators safeguard against damage, inconvenience, and interruption caused by power outages. Trust in Joseph Frederick & Sons for your electrical and generator needs! Contact us today!