Top Reasons to Invest in a Generator

Are you unsure of whether you should buy a standby generator or a portable generator, or if you should buy a generator at all? For starters, a standby generator will help keep your household up and running during the toughest of weather conditions. Still not convinced? Keep reading:

Shelter & Protection

Standby generators are permanently installed to monitor your home’s connection to utility power. If your home loses power, the standby generator will automatically detect the loss and start up. Portable generators, on the other hand, require you to go outside, set up, and start manually. Imagine having to do so during a hurricane. No thanks!

Longer Runtime

Portable generators are limited in both power and runtime based on how much generator fuel you have handy. Standby generators are connected directly to your fuel source, natural gas or liquid propane. This allows a longer runtime and produces enough electricity to power your home. 

Critical & Luxury Appliances 

Generators come in a variety of sizes and options and can power everything in your house, from lamps to televisions to jacuzzi tubs. You can rest assured in knowing that the most critical appliances will still be usable, and so will your luxury ones. 

Minimize Business Downtime

This one is for the business owners. If your business relies heavily on servers, refrigerators, or other appliances, a standby generator will help keep your business up and running during power outages. This will also help save a lot of time and money as well as a stress headache!

Fresh Food

If your power were to go out for a few days, all of your refrigerated food would most likely need to be disposed of. Having a standby generator installed will keep your cold and frozen food refrigerated in the event of a power outage. This will help save you money and provide you with emergency supplies by saving food.

Automatic Transfer Switch

Portable generators are constricted by fuel output, but standby generators have a sophisticated power management system and automatic transfer switch. Transfer switches protect your safety from back feed and allow you to prioritize cycling power between critical appliances, such as your sump pump, heaters, and ventilation systems.

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