Tips to Reduce Cooling Costs

As the temperature is rising outside, you’ll want the temperature inside your home to stay low. Running an air conditioner all day for months can bring your energy bills up a significant amount. There are a few steps you can take to keep your energy bills down but still keep your home cool.

Keep an Eye on Your Filter

The filter in your air conditioner can accumulate dust and dirt over time, which can reduce the airflow in your home. It is recommended to check your filter once a month to clean or replace the filter as needed. Many of the newer thermostats have check filter reminders that will change color when it is time to clean your filter.

Look For Leaks

When central air conditioning is being used in a home, it is important to look for leaks. The ducts that pass through non-air conditioned areas such as the attic need to be properly insulated to make sure the cool air isn’t escaping. Running your hand along the ducts can help you find any cold air coming out. Duct tape offers a temporary fix, but a professional will need to be brought in to find a permanent solution. Windows, fireplaces and other openings are a major source of leaks in some homes. Weather stripping or caulk can be used to see the openings and keep the cool air in.

Reduce Heat Sources

Sunlight can heat a room up pretty fast. During the day you’ll want to keep the blinds closed to keep the warm light out and the cool air in. The placement of your thermostat is also an important factor. It regulates the temperature of the air in your home, so you’ll want to keep it away from the windows or heat-producing appliances such as the TV or lamps. Cooking can also increase the temperature of the house. Try to avoid cooking for long periods of time during the hottest times of day.

Use Your Fans

Ceiling fans have the ability to lower the temperature of your home by ten degrees. A fan can not replace the air conditioner but it can have a great effect on lowering your energy bill. Try to place fans near windows to keep the cold air circulating and reduce any cold air from leaking out.

Choose The Right Temperature

During the warmer months it is important to choose a realistic temperature and not overwork your air conditioner. 78 degrees fahrenheit is an ideal temperature for cooling and saving on your energy bills.

Just like every appliance in your home, your air conditioner requires upkeep. Professional maintenance from Jos. Frederick & Sons ensures that your air conditioning unit is working properly and effectively. Call today and schedule your air conditioning service!


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