Tips to Help Maintain Your A/C Unit This Summer

Warmer days are around the corner, which means more air conditioning usage. To get the most enjoyment and value out of your cooling system, it is necessary to properly maintain it. Without a doubt, it’s far cheaper to maintain this appliance on a regular basis than it is to repair or replace it. Proper maintenance can help your unit last decades. However, if you fail to upkeep your A/C unit, it loses around 5% of its efficiency each year. Here are some tips to help maintain your air conditioning unit this Summer!

Change Filters Often

Properly maintaining your A/C unit is all about keeping sufficient airflow. Regularly checking on your filters every few months will help gauge how dirty the air is. Air filter packages will recommend replacing the filter every 90 days. However, during the hotter months, it is better to change your filter more often. This helps increase the life expectancy of your machine and give you less to worry about in the future.

Clean Your A/C Unit

If your A/C unit is a noticeable location, then it is easy to forget about cleaning it on a regular basis. As your A/C unit is running, it pulls air from around the environment, which also means debris, pollen, and other unwanted items. This decreases airflow to your unit causing it to work overtime. The solution is to use your garden hose to wash down your A/C unit from top to bottom. 

Refrain From Setting Plants Near the Unit 

Outside A/C units need sufficient airflow around all sides in order to perform at peak efficiency. Getting enough airflow from the environment around the A/C unit means having to clear any vegetation in the way. Experts recommend landscaping around all sides and avoid placing plants close to the unit. 

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