Tips for a First-Time Remodel

When planning a remodel, you may not know where to start. You have so many ideas, and it can be tempting to skip to the exciting parts rather than thinking about logistics. Here are a few tips for your first remodel!

Know Your End Goal

Are you renovating to raise your home’s resale value, or will you be staying put for years to come? Know which renovations are a good return on investment, and which will be considered “overdoing it” for the condition of your neighborhood. Have a specific plan in place for your future!

Budget, Budget, Budget

Know your budget and stick to it. This is one of the most important parts of renovation planning. Remember to keep unexpected costs in mind as well as incidental costs, like needing to go out to eat your meals if you are having a kitchen renovation.

Mark Your Calendar

Pick your end date and work backwards. Also, pencil in a few weeks towards the end for wiggle room in case there are delays.

Pack Up

Declutter, pack up, or move any items that may be in the way ahead of time rather than waiting until the day before or day of your renovation. Tripping over boxes will only frustrate you during this process, so make sure your space is tidy!

Consider Your Routine

Be sure to let your contractor know about your daily routine. If there are times in the day that you can not be disrupted, make your contractor aware of the start and end times in order to keep perfect harmony.

Plan a Reno-Free Zone

To keep yourself and your family stress-free and happy during a remodel, designate a zone in the house where you can all relax together. Having one functional space to unwind at the end of the day will help to keep your head on straight during a remodel.

Why Choose Joseph Frederick & Sons?

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, please contact the experts at Joseph Frederick & Sons. Our experience, expertise, and commitment ensure the smooth completion of your kitchen or bathroom renovation.  We help you devise a solid plan and create a unique style that will transform your space and make your vision a reality.  By taking into consideration all the important aspects and details, size of space, and decorations. We create beautiful and functional bathrooms and kitchens. Feel free to contact us today!




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