The Importance of Cleaning Your Furnace

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If you have a furnace in your home, it should be a part of your regular maintenance routine. Cleaning your furnace is important at all times of the year, but especially before winter. If you fail to keep your furnace clean, you are actually letting harmful debris spread throughout your house as dirt, dust, and other matter accumulates. 

Why Cleaning Your Furnace is Important

Not keeping your furnace clean can cause a variety of health problems as debris gets distributed around your house. You may become more prone to colds and other viruses and germs because they aren’t getting properly cleaned from your air ducts. This can be particularly unfavorable for people with asthma, allergies, and breathing disorders. Dirty furnaces also decrease indoor air quality as a whole, which can harm you regardless of allergies or health problems. If your furnace is not properly cleaned, it can become ineffective in heating your home evenly.

When to Clean

The best time to clean your furnace is before and after winter. Getting your furnace cleaned before winter allows you to clean out any dirt that has built up over the months. Professional cleaners can check your furnace for other functional problems as well. Cleaning your furnace after winter is also a good idea because you can clean out everything that has built up over the season. You can then see if any repairs are needed before the next winter. Make your furnace repairs in the spring when it will not be in use.

Signs of a Dirty Furnace

If you just moved into a new home, be sure to have your furnace cleaned. You can never be too sure how well the previous owners treated their furnace; properly cleaning it will ensure that there is no dirt and debris left behind. If you feel as if some areas of your home never heat fast enough or can’t maintain warmth, your furnace may need cleaning. Water on the filters or in other areas of the ducts is another telltale sign of needing a cleaning. 

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

  • Water pooling around the furnace
  • You smell gas when using your furnace
  • You hear thumps, bangs, or scrapes when it runs
  • Heating bill becomes very high, very fast
  • Furnace blows cold air
  • Thermostat stops working or has to be turned on high for heat to come on

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