Spring Plumbing Projects

As spring rolls around, so does your list of general cleaning chores. For homeowners, preparation should begin with the plumbing system. Preparing your home’s plumbing for spring can help you avoid expensive repairs in the long run. Our technicians are more than ready to help you tackle your spring plumbing projects. 

Inspect your Pipes

Having an expert out to inspect your home’s pipes is a great task to tackle this spring as it may be time to update your galvanized pipes. Having an expert come to your home and replace small leaks now will end up being cheaper than waiting and repairing water damage in the future. Due to the cold weather in the winter, temperatures could have caused crack pipes. Therefore, it is important to check for mold or damp areas near your pipes. An easy way to spot a plumbing issue is to look for any unusual stains on the wall as that could mean you may have a water leak within the walls. 

Flush your Water Heater

The average hot water heater tends to only last for eight to twelve years. However, if you flush your hot water heater routinely it can extend its usable life. Flushing your hot water heater will remove any sediment or unnecessary residue that could ultimately affect its performance. If you annually maintain your hot water heater, but you start noticing that it is aging, it is worth considering a replacement. 

Consider Upgrading Features

Upgrading your current features such as faucets and showerheads not only help with the visual aesthetics of your home, but they work more effectively and efficiently compared to the outdated features. Water-saving faucets and low-flow showerheads have the ability to save water resulting in a lower utility bill at the end of the month. 

Joseph Frederick & Sons

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