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At Joseph Frederick & Sons, our experience, expertise, and commitment ensure the smooth completion of your kitchen renovation.  We help you devise a solid plan and create a unique style that will transform your space and make your vision a reality.  By taking into consideration all the important aspects and details, such as size of space, orientation of sunlight, cooking and dining needs, storage space, and future plans, we create a beautiful and functional kitchen, avoid delays and complications, and achieve your highest expectations.

Jos. Frederick & Sons Website Detail - Team Page
Jos. Frederick & Sons Website Detail - Team Page
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A kitchen remodeling project is a significant investment, but if done right, delivers big rewards. Through expert project management, quality products, and dedicated customer service, Joseph Frederick & Sons ensures your total satisfaction. Our licensed team of professionals think both creatively and efficiently, offering innovative recommendations and custom design. The kitchen is a complex space. Plumbing, gas lines, electric wires, and solid construction all require specialized knowledge. Joseph Frederick & Sons oversees every facet of your kitchen renovation, start to finish, providing on time, on budget, and optimal results.

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A lot of factors impact design and implementation of your project.  Electrical and plumbing concerns often arise during a kitchen remodel.  You need a licensed professional managing your project, every step of the way, making sure everything is done right.  The design specialists from Joseph Frederick & Sons are highly trained and certified, guaranteeing superior results. Quality materials, products, and workmanship maximize the value of your investment and provide durability and lasting satisfaction.

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Transform your kitchen into a reflection of your lifestyle.  With the personal attention you deserve, Joseph Frederick & Sons will guide you through your project, make insightful recommendations, meet your budget, and create an efficient, usable, and enjoyable space.  It’s our job to make absolutely sure that the reality of home renovation is a rewarding experience.  If it isn’t planned well, if it doesn’t compliment your home or accommodate your lifestyle, you will end up unhappy with completion of your kitchen.  The team from Joseph Frederick & Sons delivers a finished product you will be proud to call your own.