Reasons You Must Change Your Air Filters

Your air filter plays an essential role in the proper operation of your air conditioning system. If you tend to forget to change out your air filter, it’s time to start setting a reminder. Changing the air filter is one of the most important steps in maintaining your air conditioner. Here’s what can happen if you don’t change your air filters regularly:

Allergen Buildup

If anyone living in your home has respiratory allergies or asthma, cleaning the air filters is extremely helpful. Refraining from cleaning your filter allows allergens to build up in the duct system, and they will linger for months. Whenever a forced-air system is running, the allergens are released into the air you breathe. This could even cause mold in the ducts.


Your air conditioning is meant to cycle on and off throughout the day. Having a dirty air filter causes these cycles to become more frequent than necessary, wasting energy and causing uncomfortable temperature changes. 

Wear and Tear

Air conditioners work better and last longer with proper maintenance. That means keeping your air filter clean and changing it regularly. A properly maintained air filter will keep dust and dirt from building up on the unit’s internal components, but a poor air filter can cause additional wear and tear that can cause more serious issues later on. If you’d rather not have to replace your air conditioner a year before you actually need to, keep it maintained.


When you change your air filters regularly, air is able to flow freely out of the unit. When it is dirty, the flow of cold air is restricted, so it builds up inside the air conditioner and lowers the internal temperature. If enough time goes by, that buildup can cause ice to form on the coils. 

Uneven Cooling

If the aforementioned buildup is not enough to cause freezing, it can result in uneven cooling with hot and cold spots. As a result, you will be spending more money on lower comfort levels in your home.

Reduced Efficiency

Whatever the reason may be for not changing your air filter regularly, keep in mind that it will eventually end up costing you. An air conditioning unit with a dirty filter will use more power to cool your home at a higher cost.

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