Is Your Home Too Hot? Your AC May Not Be The Issue

HVAC repair specialists | Jos. Frederick & SonsWhat do you do when your house is too hot? The obvious answer is to make sure that your air conditioner is working correctly. But since you are a responsible homeowner and get your air conditioner serviced throughout the year, you know that it is not the issue. Since Joseph Frederick & Sons is the best HVAC repair Delaware has to offer, we know a thing or two about keeping your home cool in the heat of the summer. When you are sure that your air conditioner isn’t the problem, here are a few other things the HVAC repair specialists at Joseph Frederick & Sons recommend checking in your home to help beat the heat and keep your home cool:


When was the last time your windows were replaced? This is an expensive home project that most homeowners tend to put off, but there are other ways to make sure your windows are not the cause of a house that’s unbearably hot. Blinds and shades can be added to the windows throughout your home to keep direct sunlight out. Also, single glazed windows are less efficient than double glazed windows, so keep that in mind if you are considering updating the windows in your home.


Most homeowners rely on their central air conditioning systems to keep their house cool throughout the summer. However, you could have a brand new AC unit that runs all day but still is unable to keep up if you have insufficient insulation in your home. The best way to save on energy consumption, besides replacing your AC unit, is to make sure the walls in your home are insulated properly. If you are concerned about the quality of your home’s insulation, Delaware’s best HVAC repair specialists at Joseph Frederick & Sons would be happy to give your home a proper energy assessment.

Attic Or Roof Space

Speaking of insulation, the attic space in your home should also be properly insulated to get the most out of your AC system. With a well-insulated attic, your home’s interior is protected from mold, water damage, and other allergens as well. There are 2 types of insulation: roll and bat insulation or spray foam insulation. Roll and bat can be purchased from your local home improvement store and can easily be installed in a few hours. HVAC repair specialists at Joseph Frederick & Sons recommend that if you want a more air-tight option, it’s best to hire someone to spray foam insulation in your attic to make your home as energy-efficient as possible.

Joseph Frederick & Sons, The Best HVAC Repair Delaware Has To Offer

If you have checked your windows, insulation, and attic or roof space and you still can’t seem to cool your house off, then your next step is to call Joseph Frederick & Sons HVAC repair specialists to have your air conditioner serviced. Contact us today!