Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that indoor air pollution can be a bigger problem for your health than outdoor air pollution? It is usually caused by a buildup of dust, dirt, mold, humidity, and other allergens. Sealing our homes for energy efficiency can also lead to a build-up of fumes and other biological irritants. Here are some simple tips to keep your indoor air clean:

Open Windows

Opening your windows helps reduce the concentrations of carbon dioxide and other toxic chemicals in your air. You should open your windows for at least 10 to 20 minutes each day, even if you are not sure whether the air has been polluted or not. Situations that can pollute your air may include painting your walls or bringing in a new piece of wood furniture. If someone performs an activity that you feel will pollute your air, open the windows.

Avoid Smoke

Smokers cause about 85% of pollution cases indoors. If you do not smoke, stay away from those who do to avoid secondhand smoke. Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals, such as carcinogens, which affect the health of anyone who breathes it in. Tobacco smoke can be damaging to the health of the smoker as well as those who passively inhale it. 

Air Purifiers

If your indoor air is severely affected by pollutants, a good air purifier can help. Air purifiers are designed to eliminate contaminants and leave your home clean and fresh. They work by allowing air to pass through the filters and remove small particles. It is best to place your air purifier in the room that you spend the most time.

Keep Air Humidity Levels Between 30-50%

Keeping the air humidity levels between 30 to 50% will limit the presence of dust mites and mold growth. Some molds produce mycotoxins and allergens that can be bad for your health There is also a link between upper respiratory symptoms and mold. You should track the humidity levels in your house and use a humidifier every once in a while to control allergens and moisture. 

Ditch Toxic Chemicals

Fumes and chemicals that are emitted from home appliances are a large source of indoor air pollution. Even air fresheners can pollute your indoor air. Most cleaning agents also have toxic chemicals in their ingredients. Look for milder cleaning substances, such as a 50/50 vinegar-water solution as a window cleaner. 

Joseph Frederick & Sons

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