HVAC Tips to Follow During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought about unprecedented changes to everyone’s lives. Offices, schools, and many stores are shut, and people are forced to stay indoors as much as possible. This is a great time to make sure your home is comfortable, since you will be spending much of your time here.

This is a good time to take a closer look at your HVAC unit. Make sure your home is comfortable and safe by following the tips below:

Check the Filter

The filter of your HVAC system may have become old and dirty—something that may not be very safe. It can have contaminants that can keep circulating within your space. Hence, you might have to replace it completely. You should find a filter that has a higher MERV value rating. This gives better filtration and ensures airborne contaminants don’t pass through the filter. 

Check the Fan

Experts dealing with HVAC systems at homes say that merely replacing the filter of the system may not prove 100% effective in preventing the spread of the virus. A lot of it depends on the condition of the fan. So, you should check this component of your HVAC system to ensure that the quality of the air circulating within your space is good. 

Re-Program the Thermostat

Summer is here, and temperatures are rising. Since you will be spending more time indoors, you should try to make your space as comfortable as possible. This can be achieved by adjusting your thermostat. Doing so makes the temperature of your space more comfortable during the day. If you have an old-school thermostat, you might want to replace it with a Wi-Fi one, which is easily controllable with a smartphone app.

Maintain a Healthy Humidity Level

Disease-causing viruses are seen to thrive in environments that are humid below or beyond a reasonable level. Experts in HVAC systems say that every establishment—be it homes or offices- should maintain the humidity level of the space at 40 to 60 percent. Viruses are relatively incapable of thriving under such conditions. So your home humidifier should be maintained properly to keep the humidity of your space within the recommended, healthy level.

Check the Air Filtration and Duct System

It’s common for dust, debris, and other contaminants to enter your HVAC’s air filtration system and ducts. These can easily enter your space when you turn on your HVAC system. As such, it’s important to go for a thorough cleanup of these components to maintain a healthy air quality within your space. You might have to call for services that cater to HVAC in Wilmington, DE, who are operating their business, but only by following social distancing norms, sanitizing practices, and CDC guidelines. 

By following these tips, you can restore and maintain the proper functioning of your HVAC system and keep your home comfortable and safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.