How to Lower Your Electricity Bill This Summer

In the summer, Jos. Frederick and Sons understands that it is firsthand nature to ramp up the a/c and relax in comfort. We prefer that, too! However, keeping your air conditioner running could “run” up a pricey utility bill. Here are some tips from electricians in Delaware on how to keep your utility bills low with the temperatures rising. 

1. Turn Off your Air Conditioning When You Don’t Need It

One of the biggest ways to lower your bills is by simply not using your air conditioning unit. Turning your air conditioner off when you are away from the house is a great way to lower your bill. Not only are you lowering your bill, it’s also beneficial in energy conservation. With an a/c system that is in good condition, it only takes a few minutes to bring your house down to your desired temperature. 

2. Regularly Clean Your Air Conditioning Vents and Units

For an air conditioning unit to function properly and efficiently, great care should be taken to make sure that the filters, fins and coils are maintained and cleaned regularly. Routinely replacing filters is a great and inexpensive way to elongate the life of your air conditioning unit. Electricians in Delaware at Jos. Frederick and Sons recommend checking out Lowe’s for air filters that can keep your air quality clean without draining your wallet. 

3. Utilize Your Ceiling Fan

Your ceiling fan should be your best friend, especially in the summer months! A ceiling fan helps cool the room by approximately 4 degrees, according to the website. Because the ceiling fan cools the room, you are able to raise the temperature of your thermostat without noticing any difference! The ceiling fan is also a good option if you have pets at home that you need to keep cool. Raising the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and keeping the fans on will help keep your pets happy.

4. Block Out the Sun With Quality Blinds or Drapes

In the summer, the culprit for hot homes are the windows. Windows, especially older windows that do not have energy-efficient technology, allow light – and heat – to incubate the inside of the home. To prevent this while staying on a budget, electricians in Delaware recommend purchasing a quality set of blackout blinds can significantly reduce the amount of light entry into the home. 

Jos. Frederick and Sons | Delaware

At Jos. Frederick and Sons, we want to help you lower your bills in any way we can. Sometimes, taking preventative measures isn’t enough. If that’s you, and it’s time for a repair or replacement, call Jos. Frederick and Sons. With our highly-skilled technicians, we’ll get it right the first time so you can enjoy your summer. For more information on our services, visit our website today.