How to Cool Down if Your A/C Breaks

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During the dog days of summer, technicians are incredibly busy with emergency repairs for broken air conditioning units. If you must bear the heat for a bit, we have some tips to help you stay as cool as possible:

Use Fans

Running a fan can make you feel about 4 degrees cooler, which can actually make a big difference. If using a ceiling fan, make sure that it is blowing downward to create a breeze. Conserve energy by turning the fan off when you leave the room; fans don’t lower the temperature in the room, the windchill only cools the people in the room. You can even put fans in your window at night to draw in cool air from outside.

Cool Down with Ice

Fill a few bowls with ice, placing the bowls in front of any table fans you may have in the house. You can also put a large block of ice on a baking sheet and hold your hands over it to feel more comfortable. 

Draw the Shades

Sunlight can increase your home’s interior temperature significantly. Close the blinds, lower the shades, and shut the curtains to block sunlight from heating up your home. South- and west-facing rooms are typically the hardest to keep cool, so keep that sunlight away to lessen the heat.

Reduce Heat Generated Indoors

When your air conditioner breaks, it can not offset the heat that may come about if you use the oven, stove, dryer, or dishwasher. Until your air conditioning can be fixed, prepare your food in the microwave and wait until the sun sets to run the dryer and dishwasher. 

Joseph Frederick & Sons

While air conditioners are generally quite reliable, over months and years of intense usage, breakdowns are an unfortunate part of life. Delaying professional service can often cause more extensive damage. Whether you’re faced with pesky little aggravations or something more serious, the licensed technicians from Joseph Frederick & Sons perform prompt, accurate, and lasting repair work. Contact us today!