Energy Saving Tips

The way you operate heating system controls and maintain your equipment can largely affect your heating bills. Maintenance should be performed regularly, about once a year. What can you do to save energy and lower your heating bills?

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Check the Thermostat

Turn down the thermostat when heat is not needed. This goes for all heating systems. You can save about 2% of your heating bill for each degree that you lower the thermostat in most homes, as long as it lasts a good portion of the day or night. Programmable thermostats that automatically adjust the temperature setting one or more times a day are a great option to save energy. 

Maintaining Forced-Air Systems

Heat pumps and furnaces require regular maintenance to keep air distribution working properly. Standard one-inch deep fiberglass filters should be checked once a month during the heating season and cleaned or replaced as necessary. The blower is forced to work harder when dust blocks the airflow, resulting in higher electric bills. Warm-air registers should also be kept clean. Shut off or turn down duct dampers and registers that heat your basement. Other dampers and registers can be turned down or off to control heat flow to various rooms.

Maintaining Hot Water and Steam Systems

Keep baseboards and radiators clean and unrestricted. Do not cover the tops of radiators and ensure that air can circulate freely through them from underneath. Bleed trapped air from hot water radiators by using a radiator key once or twice a season. Hold a pan under the valve and open it until all the air has escaped and only water comes out. Also, follow prescribed maintenance for steam heat systems like removing sediment and maintaining water level.

Adjust the Aquastat

The aquastat regulates the temperature of the hot water boiler. Normally, the aquastat keeps water in the boiler at about 160-180°F. It can be set manually to 120-140°F in milder weather, which can reduce your fuel consumption by 5-10%. 

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