Electrical Ground Faults

Your electrical system is a complicated system, made up of circuits connected by wires and regulated by circuit breakers. Since it is such a complicated system, problems can arise in a number of ways and it all comes down to which circuit is experiencing trouble and where. The symptoms of electrical trouble also depend on what type of problem it is. The most common electrical issue in homes is a ground fault. Here’s how to figure out if you have an electrical ground fault in your system:

Symptoms of an Electrical Ground Fault

Symptoms of an electrical ground fault may vary depending on where the ground problems are in your home. Perhaps your electronics are acting up or you have been getting shocked when you touch something metal. Electrical ground faults can be hard to identify, but some of the most common symptoms include the following:

  • GFCI outlets trip frequently
  • Humming/buzzing in home stereo or TV audio system
  • Shocks when touching metal appliances or pipes, much stronger than a static shock
  • Strobing lines on TV or desktop computer

Strange behaviors from electronics are minor issues, but if you are experiencing shocks from touching metal appliances in your home, the issue is much more serious. 

Causes of Ground Faults

A ground fault in a circuit can be caused by worn wire insulation, loose connections, or miswiring that causes the hot wire to directly connect with another pathway to ground. If there is a ground fault, a person who touches a metal electrical enclosure, live wire, or damaged plug may provide that direct ground path if they are in direct connection to the earth. When a ground fault occurs, the pathway to ground becomes unrestricted, causing a sudden increase in current flow. Then circuit breaker then trips and shuts off power. 

If you are experiencing electrical troubles in your home, contact the experts at Joseph Frederick & Sons. Our licensed electricians can handle everything from small and simple to extensive and complex. 

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