Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner Installation in Wilmington, DE

Ductless Mini -Split Air Conditioner Installation In Wilmington DE

Lovely, classic homes like this one in Concord Heights are perfect candidates for a Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner Installation in Wilmington, DE. They were built before central heat and air were standard. Consequently, homes like this one rely on fans and window air conditioners to keep cool in the summer. With our increasingly hot and humid summers – this past July had 23 days where the temperature was 88 or above – air conditioning is no longer a luxury. The homeowners gave us a call here at Frederick and Sons to see if we could offer them a better solution than just window air conditioners to help.

Carrier Ductless Wilmington DE

Problem: Classic home in the Concord Heights area of Wilmington, DE needed air conditioning in our hot and humid weather.

Solution: A 2-zone Carrier ductless air conditioning system keeps the upstairs bedroom and downstairs dining room cool and comfortable.

Carrier Ductless Wilmington DE



Window air conditioners have a lot of problems:

  • They are big and bulky, making them
  • They are hard to install and hard to store
  • They take up a window, and on lower floors, leaving you vulnerable to break-ins
  • They’re noisy
  • They have a hard time keeping up, especially during the hottest days of the year
  • They only keep a small area comfortable
  • They are inefficient, which really jacks up your energy bills

Standard air conditioning relies on ductwork to deliver cool air throughout a home, but in older homes like this one, retrofitting it for ductwork is not only expensive, it’s impractical.

There are much better solutions available, and the best is a Carrier ductless air conditioning system.

Ductless air conditioning systems don’t need ductwork to deliver state of the art comfort to your home. The systems have two main parts- an outdoor condenser unit, which is a high-efficiency heat pump. This is then connected by refrigerant and power lines to a wall-mounted indoor unit, sometimes called a cassette or head. Each outdoor condenser unit can power up to nine indoor cassettes, with each indoor unit creating a separate zone of comfort that can be individually controlled. This two-part system is why ductless systems are sometimes referred to as “mini-splits.”

Solving the Problem

Our comfort consultant recommended a 2-zone system for this home that would cool the two primary living spaces – the master bedroom on the second floor and the dining room on the main floor.

These systems deliver maximum comfort when the Carrier ductless cassettes are high on the wall. Located out of the way, they deliver their cool air evenly throughout the entire space.

They’ll even be able to adjust their comfort by a convenient hand-held remote, or they could opt for a conventional or smart thermostat to provide additional controls if they want.

How Carrier Ductless Works

Carrier ductless systems are designed using advanced sensors and inverter technology which allows the system to monitor both the temperature and humidity in a room, and make the small adjustments necessary to keep you perfectly comfortable.

The wall-mounted cassettes distribute cool air evenly around a room, eliminating hot and cold spots.

And best of all, the system is super quiet, only about 29 dB- the level of a whisper. Carrier ductless systems can even be designed to provide both heating and cooling, which can make them great supplemental heaters for those key areas of your home as well.

You can see more about how ductless systems work by clicking here to go to the Energystar.gov website. Energystar states that ductless air conditioning systems are so efficient, they can cut your cooling costs by up to 30%- and that can be serious money in the summer months!



The Best Air Conditioning for a Wilmington, DE Home

For this home, their new Carrier ductless air conditioning system will provide great comfort where the family spends most of their time.

And by creating separate zones, they’ll be able to use the power saving features or even turn off the units when the space is not in use, saving them even more money by not cooling a space when it’s not needed. And unlike conventional window air conditioning systems that take a long time to cool an entire room, Carrier ductless systems are responsive, giving you the cooling air you need throughout the space, saving you from trying to get as close as possible to the air conditioner to get comfortable on hot days.

Best of all, the family now has a much more efficient- and safe- system that will save them money every month on energy bills.

And when we get those surprise heat waves, like the one 98-degree day we got in early October this past year, all the family will have to do is flip a switch and they’ll be comfortable- no worries about having put away the air conditioner too early.

When the Spring comes, when we get a really warm Spring day, comfort will be at the touch of a button- no worries about waiting until the weekend to try to install the AC units. Convenience, comfort, and savings- you can get it all with a Carrier ductless air conditioning comfort system from Frederick and Sons.

If you live in and around the New Castle County, Delaware area, whether it’s in Wilmington, Hockessin, Pike Creek, Historic New Castle or Christiana, give us a call at Frederick and Sons, and let our experts design a system for your home that will provide you with the comfort you crave while saving you money on energy bills each and every month of the year.