Common Electrical Problems in the Summer

We rely on our electricity for almost everything in our home. If our laptops and cell phones are charged before a power outage we should be fine, but what about cooking or air conditioning? There a few electrical outages that are common in the summer months, but the good thing is that most can be prevented.

More Consumption

We use a lot more electricity in the warmer months than we do in the colder ones. Our homes have the AC running full blast on top of all our appliances. Many homes have a pool that runs its pumps and lights on electricity. All of this consumption in high heat can cause an overload, breaker trip or worse. As the warmer months approach it is recommended that you have your electrical capacity inspected.

Summer Storms

The high heat can bring high winds, lightning storms and if you’re by the coast, hurricanes. With the possibility of harsh weather, you’ll want to be prepared. The first thing you’ll want to invest in is a generator. You can purchase a portable one or have a whole-home generator installed. These have the capability to keep your HVAC, refrigerator, lights and more running like they should. Another great purchase would be a whole-home surge protector. If an electrical surge from lightning or another cause runs through the home, the surge protector can send it to the ground instead of through the home’s wiring.

Outdated Wiring

The warm weather, electrical consumption and harsh storms can all put your wiring to the test. Before it really heats up outside you’ll want to have your wiring inspected by the electricians at Jos. Frederick & Sons. If your wiring is outdated it can burn which can cause an electrical fire. Get everything checked ahead of time to prevent future problems.

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