Safety Tips for a Jolly Christmas from an Electrician Wilmington DE

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Did you know that one in five fires occur in December? While decorating for the holiday is a family favorite tradition, it’s crucial to decorate your home while keeping fire hazards in mind. If you are looking for the best safety tips from an experienced Joseph Frederick and Sons electrician Wilmington DE, you’ve arrived at the right place.

It’s All About the Lights

  • Decorative Lights: Before putting up lights around the house, inspect all electrical wiring, replace broken bulbs, and test all light sets, whether they are new or old. Additionally, remember to turn all of your lights off before going to bed or leaving the house.
  • Don’t forget about outdoor decoration: Having outdoor decoration adds extra cheer during the holiday season, and also requires extra holiday care. Homeowners shouldn't leave outdoor decorations up for longer than 90 days, due to the weather and other outside risk factors.

Fire Risks

  • Smoke Detectors: Check your smoke detectors and replace old batteries to ensure they work properly.
  • Use Candles with Caution: Keep candles in a safe spot, away from the reach of children and where they cannot be easily knocked down. In the same way, place candles away from your Christmas tree, and other evergreens to avoid possible fire hazards.
  • Prevent Christmas Tree Fires: Even the best electrician Wilmington DE knows how beautiful your Christmas tree looks all lit up, however, it’s important to set your tree in a spot away from your chimney. You know what they say “tree’s a crowd” so be sure to keep your tree as isolated as you can.
  • Avoid Overloading your Home’s Electrical Circuits: While decorating for the holidays keeps the holiday cheer alive, the overuse of lights and decorations can become a big electrical hazard. Joseph Frederick and Sons suggest dispersing your decoration across multiple circuits to prevent a fire.
  • Clean your chimney: As cold as it gets during the holiday season, you’ll want to put your chimney to use. Before lighting your fireplace, make sure it’s working properly, inspect for debris and blockages and clean it if necessary. If cleaning your chimney is time-consuming, contact Delaware heating and air to ensure your heat is in working order before your holiday gathering.

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