4 Tips to Save On Energy This Holiday Season From an Electrician Wilmington DE

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Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas brunch, and New Year's dinner celebration are all fun until you see the electrical bill. While holiday baking and decorative lights can increase your utility bill, the change in weather temperatures and the need for heat during the holidays also contribute to the increase in cost. Joseph Frederick and Sons are always ready to send an electrician Wilmington DE your way, however, we also want to provide the best tips for you to save on energy this holiday season.

Be Mindful of Decorations

One of the most common family traditions around the holiday season is to put up your Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving day. When doing this, it's helpful to be mindful to set timers for all of your holiday lights and keep the time under six hours per day. Setting a limit on your decorative lights will make a big difference on your bill at the end of the month. Additionally, an electrician Wilmington DE at Joseph Frederick and Sons says turning house lights off while your Christmas lights are on can also help save energy.

Turn Down the Heat During Your Event

During the holiday months, the weather gets colder by the day resulting in the need for heat. However, with all the baking and cooking going on in your kitchen and the extra family members visiting, your house will feel warmer than usual. Our electrician Wilmington DE suggests turning the heat down by a few degrees during your family events and leaving the oven door open after baking to keep your electrical bill low during the holiday season.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

The team at Joseph Frederick and Sons is also highly qualified to resolve all of your HVAC issues. Upgrading your thermostat right before the holiday season can save you a good amount of money on your utility bill. If you are still unsure why investing in a modern thermostat is so important, you can read more about the benefits in our latest blog.

Smart Cooking

Think of all the delicious dishes most families bake during the holidays. Cooking on the stove along with all the oven baking can put a dent in your electrical bill. The experts at Joseph Frederick and Sons electrician Wilmington DE say that baking multiple dishes in the oven at the same time can help decrease your bill's amount.

Joseph Frederick and Sons | Best Electrician Wilmington DE

As the holidays approach, the experts at Joseph Frederick and Sons want to help you save energy while protecting your pocket. When you call our office, our best electrician Wilmington DE will be sent to solve your electrical concerns while keeping your home safe. Learn more about our electrical services by visiting our website today.