5 Ways To Improve Air Quality

Your home is a safe place for you and your family to live, so you want to make sure the air you’re breathing is clean. Over time, dust, dirt and other toxins can get into the air and into our bodies. This can lead to allergies, rashes and other health concerns. There are some simple steps you can take to improve the air quality in your home.

1 – Remove your shoes when you enter your home

When you wear your shoes around the house, you are bringing all of the outdoors inside with you. Pollen, dirt, dust and chemicals can all be tracked around the house for you and your family to breathe in.

2 – Reduce the amount of aerosols used

Air fresheners can sometimes do more harm than good. The chemicals in the spray can be the cause of rashes and other skin conditions. If you choose to still use aerosols, try to spray near an open window, and leave the window open for a few hours. This allows the wind to blow the chemicals out of the home, and keep the air in the house fresh.

3 – House plants

A simple and aesthetically pleasing way to improve air quality in your home. House plants work to produce clean, fresh air for your home. There is little upkeep, all you have to do is make sure you water them.

4 – Monitor Humidity

A humidifier is a great addition to any home to improve air quality. A humidifier adds moisture to the air, which can prevent sore throats and dry skin. Joseph Frederick and Sons offers whole home humidifiers, which can cut energy costs compared to smaller portable humidifiers.

5 – Air purifiers

Purifiers are constantly circulating the air in our homes, eliminating toxins and pollutants. The HVAC systems offered at Jos. Frederick and Sons incorporate air purifiers in their systems. Not only do they eliminate allergens, but can reduce odors, smoke and mold. These are some simple ways to help keep the air circulating through your home clean. Whether on your own, or with the help of Joseph Frederick and Sons, cleaner indoor air quality can be simple.

How Can Joseph Frederick & Sons Help?

With a maintenance plan from Joseph Frederick & Sons, our licensed professionals perform a number of checks, balances, and inspections, as well as comprehensive cleaning. We take on the work and worry, and make sure your heat pump delivers the consistent and efficient performance you count on to stay comfortable. Family owned and operated since 1947 Joseph Frederick & Sons understands the importance of your home, and significance of each and every improvement you make. You want maximum results for your investment. Contact Us Today at (302) – 994 – 7867 for a consultation by one of our experienced representatives! Or Visit Our Website Online Today!


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