10 Reasons You Should Consider a Ductless HVAC For Your Home

HVAC offers a split system that controls humidity, operates constantly and is energy efficient. The temperature controlled air supply from one of our Mitsubishi Electric Mini Splits delivers ideal comfort. No ducts mean your HVAC can be placed anywhere in your home. Our team of trained technicians can properly size and locate the best HVAC for your space, and can place it where you’ll benefit the most.


Top Ten Reasons:

  1. Air is directed in the exact room you want, so there is no unnecessary energy loss.
  2. Every HVAC is thermostat controlled, so you get the exact temperature you want.
  3. The thermostat is wireless, so it can connect to your smartphone, laptop or tablet.
  4. It’s small size allows you to place it anywhere – even the ceiling!
  5. There are no major renovations needed to install your HVAC.
  6. Its slim exterior can blend in anywhere in your home, and not sit in your windowsill like ordinary air conditioners.
  7. The exterior unit has the capability to be located 50 feet away, so it can be placed at the back of your home, out of sight.
  8. Sensors allow it to monitor ceiling fans and floor temperature, so it can adapt to temperature changes.
  9. No need for heat pumps! The HVAC offers exceptional heating capabilities.
  10. With inverter-driven compressors, the HVAC speeds are adjusted based on the conditions of your home- boosting efficiency.

When you enroll in the Customer Assurance Plan at Joseph Frederick & Sons, you’ll be protecting your investment and can receive discounted service and repairs. You also receive priority scheduling, so if anything goes wrong, it will be fixed right away. Our professional team at Joseph Frederick & Sons are NATE certified and continue to go through instruction to expand our knowledge. We are a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, which can give you peace-of-mind knowing all of our products are top of the line. Joseph Frederick & Sons put our experience, expertise, and dedication to work for you, ensuring accurate installation.

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